Delete presentations without access to an old account

Hi, I would also like to take down these Prezis. this is my high school email that I no longer have access to and I would like it to be removed


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Hi Catarina, what exactly would you file them as? They are my old presentations from high school and I want them deleted because they pop up when I search my full name, but I don’t have access to my old account. Do I pick: I appear in a user’s content without permission, inappropriate content, or a user’s content contains my intellectual property or spam? under the request.

Hi @Sam_D, if you were creating those presentations then I would choose the intellectual property one. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi, I am a classroom teacher and assigned students to create a prezi. However I cannot remove them now that school has finished, and they are shared with the public with the students email addresses attached. They were shared with me directly, but this does not let me delete them. Is there a way I can have these removed without asking the students to log in?

Hello @Amanda_Hull, I would recommend you to reach out to our Abuse team though this form, they will be able to assist you with the matter :slight_smile:

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An account I made some time ago had a public presentation on it that I want to remove (or make private). However, my school administrator locked the account because I left the school, and now I can’t log in to delete the presentation. Can you do this for me? I can provide all of the information you need. I also read a similar article that said to use the report button. Is that what I should do? Is that the best option?

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Hello, I want to know how to remove a prezi from an old account that is dead since more than a decade (and said email is deleted since it’s from a school), and after that, I want to have my account to be deleted permanently.

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Need help with deleting a prezi that & no longer have access to my original accnt.


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Can you please please help me remove my presentation from online view the account was made 7 years ago when I was in middle school and I no longer have access to the account and the email was deleted by my school when I graduated so I can’t sign in even if I had the email I can prove it’s my account I just need help please reply

Here’s the url I really just want the presentation deleted because it’s very embarrassing

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I want to delete an old school account that I created in middle school. I cannot access this account due to it being made through an edu email address that I no longer have access to. I want to delete the content on there as it includes pictures of my friends and me. If I can prove that the account is mine through those images would Prezi be able to delete it? I would ask Prezi directly, but they make it insanely difficult to contact them if you do not have a premium subscription!!! Please help!!

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How can I remove an old presentation from Prezi, which I made via another account, of which I don’t have an emailadress anymore?