Delete presentations without access to an old account

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I made presentations a few years ago when prezi classic was still available and i want to delete them, however, whenever i login into my account i am unable to switch to prezi classic nor find the presentations i made there; is there any possible way to edit and delete them?

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Hi, there I made a Prezi in 2011, when I am student. I tried my best to delete this one 손 안에 브랜드 8기 정호진. by Ho-jin Jung
but unfortunately, I couldn’t rememeber my account at all.
please help me be get ou of GOOGLING that…
I AM waiting your reply, best regards

Hi @Ho-jin_Jung, please use the Report abuse button under the presentation window where you can submit a request to delete the presentation and the responsible team can assist you directly. Thanks in advance.

Hi! I would like my president to be deleted. I cannot sign into my old account. The link is below. Thank you!

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I would like to close three old prezi of an old account.
Would you be so kind to do it for me or to make me access to the old account?
Best regards

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When I was in 4th grade in 2012, one of my elementary school teachers had us create a Prezi about ourselves. It included basic information such as: our favorite school subjects, our favorite thing(s) to do at home, etc. However, my teacher, Mrs. Heather Story, had us create these presentations on her Prezi account. Flash forward to 2022, I’m now having the issue of this Prezi popping up as one of the first Google search results when my name is typed into Google. Since the Prezi was made on her account, I can’t just log into Prezi, delete the presentation, and have it stop showing up on Google search results. Is there any way of having this Prezi removed/deleted, considering that it gets little to no traffic online and as it’s not really something that I’d like to have associated with my name on Google?

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This presentation was an old one I made in 8th grade from a school account I no longer have access to and I want this removed because it has my real name on it which I don’t want online. May I have this deleted, and how do I submit the removal form?

Here’s the presentation I wish to remove: freelance video editing by Mose Mazzanti

Hello @afafa_afafaf, could you please check the reply above? You can submit your request in that form :slight_smile:

I need help, please!
Back when I was in middle school (2011-2012), I created a Prezi project.
I ended up doing a google search of my name and realized this project is still linked to my name!
I want to delete this project, but I used my school email from so long ago-- I highly doubt it’s still active.
I don’t want this project to interfere with my professional career.
Please help me delete it!

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My husband and I created a Prezi account back in 2012. We no longer need to use that Prezi account, and we definitely don’t want our personal information to be publicly accessed online anymore. We want to access the Prezi account to delete the presentations we created and/or the account, but we don’t remember the password for our Prezi account, and my husband lost access to his Yahoo email account (he closed it many years ago). He still has the same cell phone number that he included in the presentations, if that helps. How can we access the Prezi account if the Yahoo email account no longer exists?

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Buen día, quisiera dar de baja a un prezi llamado Alerta Global de una cuenta alterna que cree del usuario Mario Alberto Agudelo Navarro, he intentado buscar pero no encuentro el correo para cancelar la cuenta y así mismo el prezi ¿me pueden ayudar por favor? en la presentación hay un título que dice Cambia de camino. gracias.

Hola @Mario_Agudelo, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente. Por favor, verifique esta respuesta :slight_smile:

Good Day - I am shocked.
My personal Prezi appear on google search.
I can not access them. I definitley do not agree with this publication and I have not used Prezi for over 8 years.

Please, how can I delete those or whom can I contact to delete them.
I am really shocked.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,