Delete presentations without access to an old account

Hi @Kim_Thuijs, I see you have reported the presentation successfully, our colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.

I made presentations a few years ago when prezi classic was still available and i want to delete them, however, whenever i login into my account i am unable to switch to prezi classic nor find the presentations i made there; is there any possible way to edit and delete them?

Hi @Ganna_Ibrahim, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic, could you please check the answers above?

Hi, there I made a Prezi in 2011, when I am student. I tried my best to delete this one 손 안에 브랜드 8기 정호진. by Ho-jin Jung
but unfortunately, I couldn’t rememeber my account at all.
please help me be get ou of GOOGLING that…
I AM waiting your reply, best regards

Hi @Ho-jin_Jung, please use the Report abuse button under the presentation window where you can submit a request to delete the presentation and the responsible team can assist you directly. Thanks in advance.