Delete the automatically created "Getting Started" Prezi



When I select the options menu, I there is no delete option like there is on my prezis that I have created. I don’t really need it anymore, so do I remove it?

A Prezi I didn't create appears in my presentations

It’s not possible to delete the “Getting Started” presentation from your account, I’m afraid.


Why are you not letting us delete it?


Prezi users are only able to delete presentations that they created, as you don’t own this presentation, you won’t be able to delete it from your accounts. I apologize if it causes any inconvenience for you.


How about you guys try to delete it from my account? (If you do, don’t delete the presentation itself, just make it so that it doesn’t show up in “My Prezis”)


Of course, but the “Getting Started” Prezi is “shared”, isn’t it possible to “unshare” shared Prezis?


For some reason I can’t delete the “Getting Started” Prezi even though I don’t need it anymore. Is there anything you guys can do about this?


According to Prezi, it cannot be deleted.


If I don’t “own” the “Getting Started” presentation, then why does it show up in my presentations?


It’s an automatically created presentation that’s designed to help you make the first steps with Prezi Next. Even though it’s not created by you, it’s still listed there and currently is not possible to delete it, I’m afraid.


This is a ridiculous. For a company adamantly focused on creating “clean, uncluttered presentations” you should understand how much “conflicting state” noise causes user frustration.

When a user looks at their Prezi’s page they’re attempting to seen a clear overview of their achievements and or working list.

So a stupid (generally unhelpful) “intro” Prezi sits there forever, causing them to have to mentally override its persistant visual presence. When they try to see “how many projects” they have, they always have to mentally delete one, when they try to achieve a visual understanding of what they’ve done in the past, they have to constantly mentally delete something sitting in front of their face.

For me it’s a constant reminder of how unhelpful the introduction Prezi was to me and how frustrated I’ve felt trying to get to the knowledge I wanted quickly.

Could do without that reminder.


The responsible team has been notified of your request to delete the Getting Started presentation, I’ll update this topic with any news!


Please know that from now on you can remove the Getting Started presentation by removing yourself as a collaborator: