Deleted/missing content on Prezi


Somehow, some of the content of my Prezi was deleted. Can you please help me recover my presentation?


@Jmblackmon I reverted your presentation to an earlier date, could you check if this is the version you were looking for?


Hello! I know that the final form of the presentation should’ve been present at around 11:30-11:45 Pm ET? would you be able to get whichever version that was? sorry im the only one of the collaborators who’s awake right now so I can’t verify immediately, but im certain that the final form of the Prezi was complete by then.


I actually reverted the presentation to this time initially as I could see that there was a larger amount of data deleted after this time. However, you should be able to see this content now if you refresh the presentation.


Hello! so I got back to one of my group members and apparently this was not the final version and they made edits later on…Is there any way for you to revert it to the last version that had all the content before the version I initially contacted you about that had a blank slide or two? maybe at like 1:00 am eastern time?


Actually never mind. This version is fine. No need for anymore changes. Thank you for your help!!