Deleting an Account That Does Not Exist?

A while back I set up a Prezi account for school stuff, but the email I used was a school account and when I graduated the account was deactivated.

All of my Prezi’s are still live, and I do not know how to delete my account nor access it.

I was trying to find an email address to contact Prezi, but all of the options other than the forums were open for free accounts. The two email accounts listed in the ToS don’t seem to be what I’m looking for (abuse and copyright).

As a California resident, I am allowed to request to delete all of my data from Prezi (I think, or maybe that’s for California minors).

Tl;dr I want to delete my old profile but I do not have access to my email account anymore.

( also does not really have any categories that apply to me, either).

EDIT: I’m going to file the contact/abuse/ thing just to be sure

@Enchoseon_Eol Even though the email address was deactivated, this does not automatically deactivate the Prezi account too.

Please proceed with contacting the responsible team via the Report abuse button as they are able to assist you with removing presentations/accounts users cannot access!