Deleting an old account, Help!


I made a prezi account many years ago and posted something as public that releases information I would rather not have on the internet so easily accessible. I would like to have the account or the prezi taken down or at least privated but I can’t remember my password and the email my account was linked to has been deleted. Is there any way at all to have this account and/or the prezi deleted/privated? Please help! :frowning:

Old account and prezis I want to delete and not to be public

Hello! Can you please tell me the email address connected to the account and the title of the presentation(s)?


I believe the email is but i’m not sure and that email has been deleted for a while now.
Here’s the link to it:


I am having this problem as well! Here is the link to the page:
I would really appreciate if you could help me close this! It’s just random stuff I made in middle school that I would rather not have floating around when people search my name :slight_smile:


Hi! Can you please fill out this form? Once we receive the request from you we’ll be able to further assist you. Thank you.


Hello! Please see the link mentioned in this reply. I hope this helps.


But I don’t think my situation fits into any of the categories in the form.


Hello! It is not a problem, please still fill out the form and explain the situation in the text box below the categories. A colleague of mine will reach out to you.


I made some presentations 2 years ago but I don’t remember with what user/account. It could be with a couple of email adresses but I enter in prezi and it says that I donpt haver any presentations. But if you google my name and surnames you can find the links to that couple of prezis that I want to delete. How could I do that, please? Here are the links:


I need help with this same issue. Any idea how to fix it?


@Irma_Reginaldo_Albes, @Olivia_Lyberg.
If removing the content is very important to you, you can file a copyright notification to remove content from Prezi by clicking on the Report abuse button below a presentation, and selecting “Copyright infringement”.
I hope it helps!