Deleting an old account, Help!

@Irma_Reginaldo_Albes, @Olivia_Lyberg.
If removing the content is very important to you, you can file a copyright notification to remove content from Prezi by clicking on the Report abuse button below a presentation, and selecting “Copyright infringement”.
I hope it helps!

Hi, I want my old account deleted as well. Do I just say that it is my old account that I cant access (and can’t access the email anymore) and that i want it taken down or deleted?

Hello! You can file a report in case you’d like content/presentations to be removed, however we cannot delete the account for you.

I cant even submit the report mentioned above. I push the send button but nothing happens :(.

@bjorg_texel I can confirm that your request was received and I believe our colleague has already got back to you. Please let us know if you have not received a message from us and we will look into it.

Hi, I have the same problem. I filled in the form weeks ago and yesterday, but I still don’t have a reply of noticed any changes.

This is the link to the account that I want to be removed:


I need help!
I just want to try Prezi and I realized it will not help me on my work so I want to end subscription before the trial period ends BUT I don’t remember my account! I tried to log in but it enters to old account !
What should I do!

@Fleur_van_Deijck As I can see both your account and the presentation have been already deleted.

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hii, when i was younger i made with my older account 2 prezi’s that I would like to be deleted. I just don’t know my e-mail and password anymore. could you please help me?

Hi @Thudenya_Kurtdili, please send us the URL to any of these presentations and we’ll be happy to help!

Dear Community,
I woult like to cancel my prezi classic account and subscription, as I no longer need prezi.
If I go to the Profile page, there is no button for “cancel”.
Please help me to delete my account.

Hey @Sabine_Romisch I’ve checked and you currently have a free Public account with no associated subscription, hence why you can’t cancel anything :slight_smile:

If you really want to remove your account, here’s how to do it.

Hello, I like to delete my account but can’t remember my password. The link given ( only directs me to my dashboard.
Please help, I really hope for you.

Best wishes,

Hey @Puh_Pah we’ve sent you an e-mail to your account’s e-mail address for future instructions, can you check it? :slight_smile:

Dear Sam,

I got your email. Thank you for your help.


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Hi. I would like to delete my account, but have a couple prezis saved as files on my computer. If I delete my account, will I still be able to access these files? If they are on a flash drive, will they still work? Also, will deleting my account take the search engine results down? Right now my presentations come up when I google my name, I want to make sure that will go away before I do anything permanent to the account.

Hello @Dara_Hadley, you will be able to access all your saved presentations as they work like independent files.

Your name will also be removed from the search engine results, but please note that this process can take until a month.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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