Deleting Animations so it is like a PowerPoint


My prefessor requires us to use Prezi but wants it to be one click between slides and THAT’S IT. Prezi won’t allow me to do such a thing. It zooms in to a slide, out to an overview, in to a slide, etc. with one click per action. This means I have to click TWICE to go from slide to slide and this kookoo bird won’t accept that. SAVE ME! How do I set up the animations to be like a simple PowerPoint with just one click per slide?


@Michael_Mitchell As the zoom animations are the most essential elements of a Prezi presentation, you cannot completely exclude them, however, you can add one stack style topic to the overview and build up the presentation from pages within the topic, creating a Powerpoint-like effect.

This way you would only have one zoom-in animation at the very beginning and one zoom-out animation at the very end of the presentation.