Deleting animations so it's like a PPT

My prefessor requires us to use Prezi but wants it to be one click between slides and THAT’S IT. Prezi won’t allow me to do such a thing. It zooms in to a slide, out to an overview, in to a slide, etc. with one click per action. This means I have to click TWICE to go from slide to slide and this kookoo bird won’t accept that. SAVE ME! How do I set up the animations to be like a simple PowerPoint with just one click per slide?

@Michael_Mitchell As the zoom animations are the most essential elements of a Prezi presentation, you cannot completely exclude them, however, you can add one stack style topic to the overview and build up the presentation from pages within the topic, creating a Powerpoint-like effect.

This way you would only have one zoom-in animation at the very beginning and one zoom-out animation at the very end of the presentation.

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I am a Prezi newbee and I am evaluating Prezi for my use: creating instruction videos. I really do like canvas approach of Prezi. That naturally fits with how my own brain works. I also like concept of zoom areas. What I don’t like if the zooms and canvas moves are smooth ALWAYS. It gives me a kind of motion sickness. I cannot find an option to jump straight away to a zoom area, no smooth zoom or move, just cut straightaway to an area, much like the good ol’ powerpoint look. I know, I’m cursing :wink: but for some story transitions that works best.

Am I overlooking something or is this not possible in Prezi?

Hello @Joost_Horsten, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to look into this workaround as you can use “fake” subtopics and add zoom areas, which will you transition to them in a more direct way :slight_smile:

Hope this can help!

Hi Catarina, thanks for the quick action.

However, I do not understand how this is an answer to my question.

In the example presentation, I only see zooms and fades, no hard transitions. I’m looking for an option to jump immediately, without zoom into, zoom to or fade, to a new piece of content in view. As I said, just similar as if it was a new powerpoint slide, or for my purpose a better analogon: a hard cut between two movie scenes.

How can I do that? With fake topics indeed?

Hello @Joost_Horsten, I merged your post again once this thread can be more helpful :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to completely exclude zoom animations in Prezi, but I think the best solution might be to use Stacks (pages), as their transition doesn’t have any zoom, and in the Path settings select the option of zooming to the next subtopic:

Screen Recording 2020-04-22 at 02.52 PM

Hope this could help!

Kookoo bird thing really cracked me up! Still laughing! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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