Demo Video for Learners?


Hi there,

I’m embedding a prezi in an online course for adults. I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a demo video of how to navigate a prezi, that might exist for potential learners to view?

(I’m thinking for people that may have never seen a prezi before or are not as tech savy).

Thanks :slight_smile:



Hello, @Sara_Lane.

Maybe you would find our Prezi design series useful for this purpose? :slight_smile:


@Sara_Lane - You can put a small description of how to use the prezi in a text above your embed. Be sure to tell them to click the play button first to load the prezi, then click the arrows at the bottom of the screen to advance through the presentation. If you want them to move freely about the canvas instead of advancing step-by-step, it may take some more detailed explaining.