Design Template for Specific ISO Flowchart

Is there a good template for a flowchart that encompasses multiple (2-3) “swimlanes” for processes like ISO procedures and/or work instructions? Basic, with empty shapes that can be filled with text, and arrows going from one to the next shape. I’ll include an example I found online below. It’s very simplistic in appearance but surprisingly hard to create from scratch:

iso flow multi
Having something that starts like this but can be dressed up would be amazing! Another example, a bit more complicated & with color:

iso complicated

I did search for something like this in the new Design sections, but was unable to find. Hoping I just missed it, so please let me know if you have any start point suggestions. Otherwise, please consider adding this type of chart in the future!

Unfortunately, we don’t have such templates prepared for quick reuse, but thanks for a great suggestion - will pass this to our design department and will try to add such templates in the future!

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