Desktop Windows APP Error 1618

I downloaded the application but the installation is not complete!

Hello @Volkan_Verdi, I would suggest making sure your computer meets all the system requirements and that all updates are installed. The error message you’re receiving can also indicate that the Windows Installer Service is currently being utilized for another installation or update at this time. Alongside other program’s installations, Windows Updates can also occupy the Windows Installer service and will thus need to complete prior to running another installation.

If a previous installation of the software was unsuccessful and did not close properly, you can end the Windows Installer Process manually:

  1. Reboot the computer and try installing again
  2. If the error returns, attempt to find any applications currently installing and close them
    Press CTRL , ALT and DEL keys simultaneously
    Click on Task Manager
    Locate the process MSIEXEC.exe
    Click End Process
  3. If unable to find an application running updates, open Task Manager and navigate to the " Processes " tab
  4. Select " Show processes from all users " if it is not already.
  5. Locate and end any " MSIExec.exe " entries you see.

After these steps, attempt the installation once more.

I did a good cleaning with the program called Windows 10 Manager. I tried the installation again and installed it smoothly. Thanks

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