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Hey Robin! Nice to meet you - but I need to argue that point - the claim that PreziNext is designed to aid non-sequential, or conversational presentation. I am an expert presenter, presentation coach and engagement designer. You can just as easily deliver a non-sequential presentation in Classic as you can in Next - maybe even better in Classic. And in fact, since in Next you can’t see your entire outline on the left side of the screen when editing, or when you are presenting (forcing you to just remember what you may have had in each section) nor can you see your entire presentation from a zoomed out view like you can in Classic, I would argue that Classic is better for non-sequential presenting/conversational presenting. What’s worse, in Next, since you can’t see your entire outline while you are editing - tell me you don’t just click around in the taxonomy on the left side of the screen when you are making a Prezi Next just to remember what you have placed and where you have placed them. I find Prezi Next forces me to me try and memorize where I have placed content since you CANNOT see everything at once.

Even PowerPoint lets you see everything at once when you go to Slide Sorter view.

I’m really sad about Next - I wish it was something that it isn’t. Yet.

Top 10 Things Wrong with Prezi Next

Hello, @Pitch_Kitchen. Thank you for the idea, we do see how it can be useful to have a better overview of all the topics and subtopics. We will pass this on to our product managers.


Thank you!


I completely agree with you. Classic was much better. Now I have to memorize my whole presentation.


I totally agree with you. One of the best features of Classic is that you can click on any frame to zoom right to it - and you can do that from anywhere on the canvas. Prezi Next forces you to return to the overview before you can select a different topic. Even more annoying, there’s no Home button to return to the top level. You have to level up one step at a time.


@scott_neville, @Robin_Pierman, we have forwarded this feedback to our product managers.