Difference between Planets and Stacks

Hello… what is the difference between planets and stacks when inserting a new (sub)topic?
I can not change them later so I want to make sure to insert the correct ones…
Thank you for your help!

The main difference is in the layout and structuring.
Planets have subtopics that appear to orbit around a main idea. This arrangement gives the audience an overview of the main idea and the related upcoming subtopics.
Stacks have pages that appear one after the other, in a linear fashion. You don’t get an overview upfront.
For more info on Planets and Stacks check this help article on structuring your Prezi presentations.

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I have read the help article that you’ve linked to above, but I still am not clear on how stacks appear and when they might be useful.

Is there an example Prezi that shows someone using stacks? It seems the articles only show Prezi’s using planets, unless I’m missing something…

In the GIF below you can see Planet topics first and then Stacks.

Planets have a depth effect where one can zoom into details of a bigger picture, for example.

Stacks can be used to “swipe” between frames.

Please let me know if you have more questions in connection to this or would require more examples!

How can I add a topic but have it run as a regular slide (like the ones in Power Point) instead of having multiple subtopics appear on the side? I

Hello @Norman_Godoy, I’ve merged your request into the correct topic, the topic type you’re looking for is called Stack. You can read further about them here, also make sure to check the replies above :slight_smile:

I’m new to prezi. I was doing fine until I was suddenlty unable to add pages but only subtopics of an already existing subtopic to my presentation. I’m using the online version and the fact that I have so many sublayers not only slows down everything, but it makes the presentation seem confusing. What do I have to do in order to be able to add only pages which belong to the same subtopic?
thanks in advance

Hey @Valentina_Mazzotti I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. Pages are a special type of subtopics inside a Stack topic type, while regular subtopics belong under the Planet topic type.

You’ll need to be inside a Stack topic to be able to add pages. For more information on topic types, I highly recommend for you to check this article.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi there,

In my presentation I am not able to add a subtopic within a topic, so I thought to be clever and add a topic and then slide it inside a topic to create a subtopic but than, it disappears and turns automatically into a page.

I would like to have a fullscreen subtopic instead of a page, how can I do that?

Hi @Vino_Peeten, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that if your subtopics are listed as “pages” that means that your topic is a Stack topic and not a Planet topic.

I would advise you to create a new Planet topic on your overview and move all your content into this topic so you can replace the Stack topic you currently have in your presentation.

Please note that a single topic can either be a Stack, or a Planet topic, so they can either have Pages or Subtopics, but not both.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bart, thank you for your reply!

To be honest, that is not quiet the solution I am looking for. I would like to zoom in on the topic so that it is shown full screen with the subtopics shown on that, which you could zoom in on again.
If I try the Planet topic, the subtopics are floating next to the topic.

I am looking for a way to zoom in on a model of a system, which has blocks (subtopics) which are explained in further detail when zoomed in on. I am not sure if it is clear what I mean, but maybe the link to my Prezi can help to understand: YETI 1.0 - Interactive presentation by Vino Peeten on Prezi Next
(I would like to refer to the topic ‘Electric’. For now I added the subsystems as pages, they are shown as a regular slideshow)

Hi @Vino_Peeten, thanks for the details!

You can right-click on any planet topic or subtopic, select Advanced Topic Editing and then change the slide and the location of the Zoom Area of the topic. With this, you can set your topic to zoom in full screen on your content.

Otherwise, you can also use Zoom Areas from the Insert - Animations menu instead of using topics, this might be a good solution as well.

Hi Bart, thank you for your quick reply!

The Advanced Topic Editing was exactly what I was looking for! The topic now shows full screen like I had in mind.

Thank you for your time and help! :slight_smile: