Difference between Planets and Stacks


Hello… what is the difference between planets and stacks when inserting a new (sub)topic?
I can not change them later so I want to make sure to insert the correct ones…
Thank you for your help!

How can I add a topic that matches the style of the others?

The main difference is in the layout and structuring.
Planets have subtopics that appear to orbit around a main idea. This arrangement gives the audience an overview of the main idea and the related upcoming subtopics.
Stacks have pages that appear one after the other, in a linear fashion. You don’t get an overview upfront.
For more info on Planets and Stacks check this help article on structuring your Prezi presentations.


I have read the help article that you’ve linked to above, but I still am not clear on how stacks appear and when they might be useful.

Is there an example Prezi that shows someone using stacks? It seems the articles only show Prezi’s using planets, unless I’m missing something…


In the GIF below you can see Planet topics first and then Stacks.

Planets have a depth effect where one can zoom into details of a bigger picture, for example.

Stacks can be used to “swipe” between frames.

Please let me know if you have more questions in connection to this or would require more examples!