Difference between screensharing and direct videoconferencing?

Hi there, thanks so much for Prezi Video and Prezi Next, it is simply awesome. I did yesterday my first Prezi Video teleconference. Since it was a zoom meeting, I could not use the virtual webcam and I had to share a portion of my screen over the Video Prezi presentation. It actually worked very fine and it allowed me to play YouTube video by simply putting the video player on top of Video Prezi App. But I was wondering: since this works so well, why bother with virtual webcam? What is actually the benefit of having video prezi masquerading as a webcam feed? My question has a technical side: I had to adjust Video Prezi window size. What is the best size for this screen sharing feature?

Thanks again for this awesomely great product, which had me switch to Prezi Next, since I was a Classic user right from the very start of the Prezi adventure and, although I have been anxious for 3 years, I am not regretting, the learning cuve is very smooth. I am just missing copy-pasting between classic and next, but hey, that makes me renew myself a bit and it’s good!

Hello @Christian_Mercat, thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile: In order to understand this matter, could you please give us a few more details on how you used the screen sharing feature with Prezi Video? Were you inside the Prezi Next online editor and selected the option of creating a video?

In relation to the copy-paste between Classic and Next, we are currently working on the migration of presentations between these platforms, so you will be able to edit your Classic presentations in Next. This feature should be available soon, you can follow the updates here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear @Catarina, I was not on the online editor, I opened up the desktop Prezi Video app, loaded my presentation, shared my screen from my teleconference application, snapped it to the interesting rectangle, then simply played along my presentation. It allowed me to use other applications without fussing around switching cameras, simply overlaying the other application window on top of Prezi Video et voilĂ !


Estoy compartiendo mi presentación desde la web en la aplicación zoom y quiero tener mi texto de apoyo en un avista de moderador pero cuando doy clic en mostrar notas del presentador esa pantalla también se ve en lo que estoy compartiendo en la aplicación zoom. ¿Cómo puedo hacer para que no se vea mi pantalla de presentador? Muchas gracias es Urgente!!!

Hola @martin_paredes, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente. En vez de compartir su pantalla a través de Zoom, le recomendamos que conecte la aplicación a Prezi Video siguiendo los pasos recomendados en este artículo. Así, la vista de presentador no será visible :slight_smile:

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@Christian_Mercat What teleconference app did you use? I tried to use zoom however it would not let me start the Prezi video while I was in a zoom mtg and screen sharing.

Were you essentially able to screen share while recording in Prezi? This is what I am wanting to do.

Dear Daniel, in zoom, you have 1st to open Prezi video, then zoom, and within zoom, switch camera to Prezi virtual camera. Otherwise, you can share a portion of your screen snapping only the prezi video application preview window. It does work, not as good, but it works. I was screensharing while using Prezi video app. I was not actually recording in Prezi though…

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I’d like to include a live software demo in a presentation, so I can use both speaker view (me + overlays) and demo (application window + overlays). Is there any way to embed an application window and interact with it?

Hi @Jennifer_Wilson, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Currently sharing your screen is not possible in Prezi, but you can achieve your goal with the workaround Christian explained above. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, I’ll forward your feedback to our product team!

Thank you, Bart! :slight_smile:


And now it IS possible! thanks to the support Prezi team!! I love this little screen but I would love it even more if I could interactively change its size.

Hi @Christian_Mercat, we are happy that you like our screen sharing feature. :slight_smile:

You can currently switch between a full-screen view and a mixed view with the 1-2-3 buttons on your keyboard during recording or going live.

Hope this helps!

Whhaaaat?! I missed this awesome feature!? Where was it documented?! That’s (almost) exactly what I needed (because sometimes I want to gesture to the right of the shared screen, sometimes to the top, sometimes to the left…).

Ah ok, I get it, the 3 icons on the bottom left of the Prezi video have shortcuts. I missed the fact that the presentation alone switched to full screen sharing when screen sharing was selected. That is super great, thank you!! I love Prezi!


I want to be able to do this when teaching online, so that 1) we are both appearing on the zoom and that I can have both slides (in a rectangular format) 2) also just have shapes like this with no slide background. 3) have me appear on the side BUT ALSO be able to show full-screen. I’ve put together a presentation but should I have done it in video? I’m so confused.

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Hi @Suzanne_Ryanstrati , welcome to the community :grin:
The screenshot looks good. What exactly can you not do ? you made that screenshot in Prezi Video right ? Number 3 is standard operation… there are 3 choices while presenting: you only – you and content — content only … I do not really understand your first two points…

Hello @Suzanne_Ryanstrati, I’ve merged your post with the relevant thread.

If you have created a presentation in Prezi Present, and you want to use it in Zoom like the screenshot you’ve shared, you simply need to convert it to a video following the steps mentioned in this article. You’ll also be able to remove the background, if you wish.

When sharing the video through Zoom, you’re able to choose between 3 views, as @Shaun_Mack has mentioned:

  • Camera only view
  • Camera + your content view
  • Content only view

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

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Thank you!

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