Difference between screensharing and direct videoconferencing?

Hi there, thanks so much for Prezi Video and Prezi Next, it is simply awesome. I did yesterday my first Prezi Video teleconference. Since it was a zoom meeting, I could not use the virtual webcam and I had to share a portion of my screen over the Video Prezi presentation. It actually worked very fine and it allowed me to play YouTube video by simply putting the video player on top of Video Prezi App. But I was wondering: since this works so well, why bother with virtual webcam? What is actually the benefit of having video prezi masquerading as a webcam feed? My question has a technical side: I had to adjust Video Prezi window size. What is the best size for this screen sharing feature?

Thanks again for this awesomely great product, which had me switch to Prezi Next, since I was a Classic user right from the very start of the Prezi adventure and, although I have been anxious for 3 years, I am not regretting, the learning cuve is very smooth. I am just missing copy-pasting between classic and next, but hey, that makes me renew myself a bit and it’s good!

Hello @Christian_Mercat, thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile: In order to understand this matter, could you please give us a few more details on how you used the screen sharing feature with Prezi Video? Were you inside the Prezi Next online editor and selected the option of creating a video?

In relation to the copy-paste between Classic and Next, we are currently working on the migration of presentations between these platforms, so you will be able to edit your Classic presentations in Next. This feature should be available soon, you can follow the updates here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear @Catarina, I was not on the online editor, I opened up the desktop Prezi Video app, loaded my presentation, shared my screen from my teleconference application, snapped it to the interesting rectangle, then simply played along my presentation. It allowed me to use other applications without fussing around switching cameras, simply overlaying the other application window on top of Prezi Video et voilà!