Differences between ''Novice, Master, and Skilled'' templates

Hello dear Prezi Next Community

What are the differences between Novice, Master, and Skilled which is mentioned at the down right part when you want to select a template?

Hello @Ahmet_Emin_Avci1, these categories indicate the difficulty level of the templates. Novice templates are recommended in case you are new to Prezi and looking for a template which is easy to customize and work with. Skilled and Master templates might require a bit more experience working with the Prezi editor. You can find a more detailed description of these categories here. However, you can choose whichever you prefer and consult our knowledge base or reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance with building your presentation. I hope this helps.

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The information was really helpful. Thanks for your support.

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@Ahmet_Emin_Avci1 You’re welcome. Have a great day!

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Hi…I’m just beginning a test run of how Prezi works, and on the surface of templates, I can’t tell what novice/skilled/master are doing differently. The info here and behind that link are nice, but they kind of state the obvious of what novice/skilled/master mean. Is there any kind of specific description of what a master presentation is doing that a novice isn’t? Is it layers? Animations? Transitions?

As a user, I’d like to know up front what I’m working with. Say I start with a novice template, because it’s my first time, then find it won’t do what I need, forcing me to undo a lot of work and start again from a different foundation. I could have actually saved time committing to a harder learning curve from the beginning.

It would be awesome to see two identical templates…one built with novice functionality, the other with skilled or master functionality…

Hello @Ryan_Kelly, there is no significant difference between the templates. Novice, skilled or master simply indicate how complex they are - for example how many topics, subtopics, animations they have or how much editing they require if you’d like to use the predesigned template. You can however choose any of them regardless of your experience with Prezi, as all of our templates are fully customizable; you can easily delete topics, subtopics and other objects or add new ones at any time.