Different menu bar

I teach Prezi. During my class two of my students got a completely different menu bar from the regular one.Only 3 menu options were availabe: Style, Insert and Share. Also some of the menus were missing (File, View). I haven’t found any way of changing this. Please find the screenshot attached.

Thanks, Aniko Balogh

@Aniko_Balogh Please know that we are always testing different user interfaces to which structures/designs work the best.

This is the reason some of the students might have a different looking editor (the available functions however are the same).

Please let me know if it would be necessary to change the interface for these two students or if they are fine with this version!

Tnanks for your reply.

Concerning the same available functions could you please advise where can I find the File menu?



@Aniko_Balogh Although this menu does not have a File option, you can find a separate button for all the files that can be inserted into the presentation under Image, Pdf and the audio + video icons.

Dear Agnes, I was looking for the Save option, this is what I could not show my students.

I forwarded your reply to them, they said that for the time being they will go on with this layout, and let us know in case they have any problems.

You can find the Save option under this icon:


Let us know if you have any further questions!