Difficult to recreate Classic prezis with Prezi Next

The problem is that I can no longer create my team’s presentations with Next. Too many Classic features have not been created for Next. It looks like our company will be looking for a different solution. “Overview” is NOT helpful and is not needed for non-sales presentations. The Topics and Subtopics are difficult to work with, but we have figured out a workaround even though it has taken 4X the time to create the same thing in Classic. The lack of a blank template is difficult and the lack of being able to choose a theme or even create one has made it even more difficult to recreate our presentations. Again, not all of your customers need nor want what you call “Conversational Presentations”. That is just one niche, Sales, that would really use this. If that is where Prezi is going, then more power to you, but your loyal customers are not all sales people. My suggestion is to keep the current Next (with Overview) for your business customers and to alter Next for your non-sales driven customers to have a version that works more like classic. You would keep BOTH sets of customers. Again, the “inconvenience” phrase is getting even more frustrating since it has been Prezi’s answer for almost ALL of my/our questions and difficulties with Next. and is causing my team (and boss) to talk about how to be more creative with other presentation solutions.

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I hear your frustration @RobinsNest_Pro. Prezi Next does require an entirely different approach to structuring a presentation, which may be difficult to get adjusted to for those used to Prezi Classic. I’d suggest not attempting to recreate Classic prezis in their original form with Next. But rather to explore the new platform a little, and if you need to retell a story you’ve already told in Classic before, translate it to the language of Next. Perhaps you could get started with this article or by watching this video:

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@RobinsNest_Pro - If you have a Prezi Classic account, why can’t you just continue using it as you have before? You don’t have to use Prezi Next. Prezi Classic will continue to be supported and if you have a Pro account you can use the non-Flash desktop version.

We can and we will for now. Our biggest problem is when do presentations along with other groups, we are having to replicate our presentation in PowerPoint because their tech is too advanced for Classic. So Our hope was that Next would be an answer. Prezi says that Classic will be supported, but at this point today, our team is not sure we can trust that. We were told that Next would be better and that we would be able to do everything that Classic does and yet we cannot.

but what happen if we dont have classic acount already

If you don’t have a Prezi Classic account then you don’t have any Classic prezis to recreate now, do you?