Disable presenter notes in Prezi Video

I have been using Prezi Video with Zoom to present classes. Recently an update added presenter view. How do I turn this off? In addition to my online participants, I have in person students who see my desktop view. Now they can see any notes and the preview of the next slide.

Hello @Rashelle_Cornelius, the Prezi Video application window is always displayed when using a conference tool, recently we have just added the option of inserting presenter notes.

Could you tell us a bit more about the setup of your classroom so we can assist you with this?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I am presenting my prezi video livestreaming through zoom. As soon as Prezi links to the zoom window the presenter mode with any notes and the next slide preview appears. I am presenting both in person and livestream through zoom at the same time. My desktop view is mirrored on the screen in my live classroom. How do I turn off presenter mode. I have no way for an in person student looking at my screen to not see the notes and preview of the next slide.

Hello @Rashelle_Cornelius, if you’re using Prezi Video through Zoom it’s not possible to disable that window, as you need to have it open in order to control the presentation.

I would recommend you to connect a second monitor in your classroom so you can split your screen. Like this, you can display the video in one side and project it, and in the other monitor you can have the presenter view.

Let us know if this could help!