Do I have to pay after i downgrade my account during a free trial period?


Hello, i was wondering: if I activate the free trial option for a Prezi Plus acccount, and then before the period of 14 days of trial ends i downgrade my license to a basic one or I eventually delete my account, i won’t have any charge to pay, is it right? I wanted to try this kind of license, but i’m not sure to if it is worth enough to cost 228€ per year…


Hello, @Alessandro_Castriott. You can cancel at any time (even right after upgrading).


yeah I know, but if I cancel during the free trial period i won’t have to pay right?


That is correct, if you cancel before the end date of the trial, there will be no payment.


Hello, the term of contract said there won’t be any refund for any reason, does anyone has already try to cancel an account during the free trial period ?
thank you !


Hi, @Timothee_Vaccaro. Even if you cancel during the free trial, your license will be active until the free trial runs out.


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