Does Prezi have a 'presenter notes' option like Powerpoint does?


Powerpoint has an option to add presenter notes…as a help for people when presenting or if you give your presentation to someone else to present then your notes are with it…does Prezi have this option?

Dear Faye,

at the moment, I am sorry, but that type of ‘presenter notes’ does not exist in prezi. But let me share with you 2 things:

1/ under each path step, you could place a ‘rectangle frame’ in which you can write your notes. And if you give the instruction to another presenters that under each path step they find useful notes, the presenters can get extra info when they prepare for the presentation (by moving the canvas with their mouse). If you edit the path without any zoom on these ‘rectangle frames with notes’, no one will know about your comments only the presenters. So, this way, you will able to add notes to each step of your prezi.

2/ there is a great feature of prezi called ‘Presenter View’ - here, you can find some details on it, maybe you would like it:…

Hope this helps for you!

László :slight_smile:


Dear Faye,

my pleasure and thank you for the ‘good answer mark’ :slight_smile:

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Dear Laszlo !

Is that possible to set the size of feft side panels in presenter mode?


Dear Tamás,

frankly speaking, I am very sorry, but at the moment I cannot test my system with 2 displays.

However, I tried to check whether I can change the size of the panel in ‘edit mode’. The only thing I experienced that I could hide it if I clicked on the small grey ‘button’ in the middle and on the right of the panel.

I even enlarged the picture of the ‘Presenter mode’ view on the above-mentioned website, but I could not see any trick which would refer to such possibilities. That’s why I think it is not possible currently.

Let me ask the advice of Prezi colleagues - I am sure they can give fully appropriate answer :slight_smile:

I am sorry, happy zooming,
László :slight_smile:

Thanks for comment. BTW, your link is restricted, I can not open it.

Hi Everyone,

I have been able to set up presenter notes by turning the ‘body’ text on and off within themes.  Here’s how…

  1. Have background text set to white (or any other set colour) - having an image for a background won’t work for this.

  2. Go into themes and have your ‘body’ text set to black (I also have it to look like hand writing).  When you add your presenter notes, make sure you add them with ‘body’ text.  I add the presenter text around the content of each slide.  Then when you print your presentation you can read the text.

  3. When you want to hide your presenter notes go into themes and select white (or the colour set on your background).

I use the ‘Title’ and ‘Subtitle’ text.  I have also saved two themes - one with presenter notes (body text black) and the other without presenter notes (body text white).

Hope this helps.

*****It would be awesome if prezi could consider making this feature easier to use.  ie when in presentation mode, have a button (near where the home and zoom buttons are) where you can turn presenter notes on and off.****  This could be achieved by adding a new text style and call it presenter notes (along with Title, subtite and body text) and allowing the user to add ‘presenter’ text within the current slide.  The user could then be given the option to print slides to PDF with or without presenter text.  The same way the button could work when in presentation  mode.

Presentation Notes for portable Prezi on your Windows PC using Adobe Reader…

Try this small App to drive your Prezi and Adobe Reader at the same time (in
Extended mode) - lets you watch your Prezi on the screen and your notes
on your Windows laptop/PC. Uses right and left buttons on the keyboard to drive

both forward at the same time…Also free speaker timer available.

not supported by Prezi …

Skillsloft Design

Thank you Roel for this prezi.

BTW, when converting the prezi to PDF, all content of a frame, including the animated presenter notes box, appear in the slides.

Do you know if there is an option to convert the animation to PDF (so to provide the audience with a pdf file which does not contain the notes…)?

Thank you,


Prezi!  Make a presenter view!!!

Really? No presenter notes? This seems so basic. Are we really expected to write our notes on the actual presentation frames or try and keep track of some separate document with important prompts. This and the inability to fade out a frame to reveal one below seem so obvious. Are they really that hard to implement? I want to love Prezi and while I find it to be a fantastic idea… its hard to overlook the lack of these basic features.

dear prezi team, please consider presenter notes. 

“Next” definitely has presenter notes George , so that one is checked! I suspect you’re onto something on the latter assertion too :) 

Dear Prezi team, please consider making presenter notes available in Classic so that professors like myself that cannot afford 15 dollars a month can make use of the basic but essential technology! 

Thank you people of Prezi! I just checked out Prezi Next and am thoroughly impressed… you listened and over delivered by taking a great product and making it fantastic. Much appreciated.

if only i could convert my 60 slide prezi classic to prezi next