Does Prezi Next Plus License include Prezi classic pro?

Dear Prezi Team,

i consider getting a Prezi Next Plus License. But i also have some prezi classic presentations i still need to work with. Does a Prezi Next Plus License inklude the Pro status für Prezi classic?

Best regards

Hello @Ingmar_Ebhardt, we don’t offer Classic Pro with our Plus license. However, if you sign up for a Next Plus license, you will still be able to use your existing Classic license. Please let me know if you have further questions, I’m happy to help.

Hello @Kata,

thanks for your answear. What about buying a classic pro license - does that include a Prezi next plus?

Hi @Ingmar_Ebhardt, it’s no longer possible to create a Prezi Classic account for new signups. Meaning that it’s not possible to buy a Classic Pro license. As Adobe is planning to discontinue development and support of its Adobe Flash technologies at the end of 2020, we are no longer actively developing nor providing new features for Prezi Classic either.

I recommend that you try Prezi Next, a full-lifecycle presentation platform built on the latest HTML5 technologies. Prezi Next takes our best storytelling elements of Prezi, makes it easier to use, and adds features such as live analytics, advanced collaboration tools, Slack integration and customizable designer templates.:point_up_2: