Does Prezi Video support 4K Webcams?

If I upgrade my webcame (currently capable of 1080p) to a Logitech Brio or similar camera that supports 4K, will the desktop version of Prezi Video be able to support recording at the higher resolution? Not HD at 2,048 by 1,080 pixels, but a “UHD” of 4,096 by 2,160.

Hi @eric.griffith, Prezi Video itself should be able to record in 4K resolution, it depends on the driver of the camera.

I don’t understand this answer, Bart. I’ve used a Logitech Brio (UHD 3840X2160) with both Logitech Capture, Zoom, Nvidia Broadcast, and other software. The high-res signal doesn’t degrade with those programs. But the signal does degrade in the Prezi Video desktop program, looking nothing like you screen examples. So, it’s not about “depending” on any camera “driver.”

I do like the Prezi suite of tools, but I need 4k quality posting to my YouTube channel. If you’re an employee with Prezi, let’s figure out the problem. Thanks!

The lower-left sidebar to Prezi Video says “Full HD.” That means it is only capable of 1920X1080, which is NOT what the video looks like on Prezi’s website and examples. Why advertize in this fashion?

Hi @Dan_Smedra, thanks for pointing that out and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on this.

Prezi currently has no issues working with a camera that is sending the signal in 4K, but there is no possibility yet to export recorded video in 4K resolution.

I’ll forward this feedback to our product team.

If you record a high-resolution camera then Prezi video support it. It depends on that camera driver.

any updates here? I am always using 4K Cameras (Logitech Brio, Jabra Panacast, Sony Alpha 6400 and Sony-ZV1) and never got more than 720p video export

Hi @Ragnar_Heil, you should be able to save your video offline in 1080p resolution.
Saving in 4K is currently not possible, we will update this thread if we have any news.

Yes, now I have downloaded it and can confirm that it is 1080p

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