Don't forget about Prezi Next training sessions

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Reading some recent comments made me think about all the time I spent learning the ins & outs of Prezi Next after being a Prezi Classic user for years. I just thought others might benefit from some of these sessions as well, and if you are reading this and you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it:

I don’t think these sessions are “advertised” enough on the Prezi Next website, personally. Maybe you don’t even know about them!? You can attend any one of them multiple times & due to the different attendees, it’s never truly the same content twice.

I’m certainly not saying that any problems you are currently experiencing will be fixed if you attend these training sessions, but it’s definitely possible you’ll learn more about what the new platform CAN do rather than focus on what it currently can’t, and that aspect has brightened my day more than once, simply speaking from personal experience.