- Doubt About Downloading Prezi File -


First, greetings to the community, and thanks for the help!

I have this doubt about downloading the video file of the Prezi I made recently. I need to download it so that I can have the video file on a Pen or Portable Disk.

I only have the Free-Version of Prezi, so, my doubts are these here:

  1. Is it possible to download (only) the video file of the Prezi I made (It is, right!!?)?

  2. To download it, can I download it If I use the option Experiemental Evaluation Period?

  3. If not, will it be possible to download it If I buy the Premium Account?

Sorry if these seem too simple doubts, but I wanted to be sure before I spend money upgrading my Prezi Account (if needed).
Greetings and good week.


Hello @Joao_Pedro_Carneiro,

Although exporting your presentation as a video is not possible, you can download it for offline use indeed. This so-called portable presentation can be stored on a USB drive and can be played the same way as the online version without an internet connection.

This feature is available in the Plus and Premium packages. The function can be used from the desktop application that you can install and access with the above-mentioned license types.

If you upgrade to a paying license, you get 7 free trial days when you can use all the features included in the package, therefore you can also download your presentation for offline use with a trial license.

I hope this info helps, let me know if you have other questions!


Hi there, I just want to be clear. I upgraded to Edu Plus and looking to download my Prezi presentation (including my own linked youtube videos) from the ‘regular’ cloud-based desktop version. Of course I want the presentation to be saved on an USB - does this allow to me present what I have created as I would see it while connected to the internet (ie. transitions, Youtube links, etc)???

Even if I use an app to download for offline use can I even access my youtube links (or even embed my own videos now that I’m upgraded)??


@rob_k If you would like to present without any internet access, I would recommend you to embed your own videos as this is an option with a Plus/Edu Plus license.

If you do have an internet connection, the YouTube videos will also be played in the exported presentation, and the animations and transitions work the same way, regardless of having internet or not.

However, please note that hyperlinks and YouTube links will not work without internet access. If you edit or present directly from the desktop app, the same applies - links will work the same way when you are connected to a network but if you have no hyperlinks or and only local videos added, you can equally present from the app when offline.