Download PDF without repeating first slide

I want to download the PDF so I can share in offline mode. The thing is when I export presentation to PDF, the first slide comes many times which is not really good in a PDF. How can I remove the repetitive first slide from the presentation?

Prezi’s download prints every topic and subtopic as they would appear in your presentation. It’s pretty useless as a leave-behind. You’re better off making screen captures and pasting them into a Word doc in the format and sequence you need.

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After downloading prezi from the web portal in PDF format, I have several that are duplicate. The other issue is when using the arrows to move through presentation, several slides I have to hit the arrow twice.

When I go into edit, I do not see any duplicate slides anywhere.

Please help!



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Hello @Fred_Pierce I’ve moved your request to the relevant thread, please read the reply above :slight_smile:

You would need to edit the PDF with an editor software as Prezi prints every screen and slide, including animations which will result in duplicate pages.

Hope this helped!

Not really. This is an issue with PREZI, not the PDF. Why are there duplicates in the presentation? Proof is that I have to hit the arrow twice on the ones that are duplicated. How can I delete those duplicated slides? There is only one slide on the left hand side.

I’m paying for this product, I would expect it to work as it should without me having to get a separate program to fix the PDF.

And the answer to the thread above isn’t an answer either. Copy into a word doc? Thought the idea was to use PREZI.

I understand your frustration, however currently the PDF exporter is designed to print every slide. If your presentation contains animations, it will print the animation as a separate page. As a workaround, you could make a copy of the presentation, remove the animations there, and print the presentation afterward.

The other workaround is to remove the extra pages from the PDF, however for this you’ll need an external PDF editing tool (there are many free ones available).

Let us know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for the help. I don’t remember putting animations in the presentation. Ill look to see if they are in there and delete them. I don’t want animations if they are there.