Download presentation during trial

Can I download a presentation during the trial period?

Hello @zahra_R, it’s possible to download your presentations during trial for the Plus or higher Prezi Next license.

Thanks a lot

yeah you can

is anyone looking at my presentation?

Hello @ezekiel_mascoll, could you please explain us your issue with more details?

hi everyone

Hello. I would like to try a Free Trial in order to create a presentation. Can I download a presentation while I use a free trial? And will I be able to present that presentation on a different computer?
Thank you

Hello @Beatrice_Irimia, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above.

You are also able to present the downloaded presentation in any computer as long as it meets our system requirements :slight_smile:

Answer please

  1. If I buy a subscription to Prezi for a month and download it to my computer - will it be permanently on my computer? and will work even if the subscription ends?
  2. In what format will the finished presentation be saved? how to store and transfer it

Hello @11129, once you download a presentation it will be permanently saved in your computer as it’s an independent file. You can choose to save it in EXE (Windows) or ZIP (Mac).