Download prezis free of charge



Downloading prezi should be free of charge. I do not like prezi next at all. Prezi classic was much better.


Downloading a presentation is only possible with a Plus/Edu Plus license for the time being.

I hope that after some time dedicated discovering Prezi Next, you’ll also like our new product, as well.


I do like the new software (other than the loading issues that I’m having, which I’m not entirely sure aren’t pc-related, rather than prezi-related).

I was shocked, however, to discover that this feature is now only available with a Plus account.

Had I known, I would have made my PhD proposal presentation (which is crucial in getting a position for the coming four years) in Classic, or in powerpoint. If anything goes wrong with the internet connection in the room, I have no access to my presentation… Which I always downloaded the file from Classic.

Transferring the whole thing is going to take hours.