Downloading Prezi without animations


Is it possible to download the prezi without all the animations(f.e. the fade in and out). The total amount of pages will add up to a large number otherwise when I download the prezi to PDF.

I need the download in PDF, but with al the text and images directly into the PDF itself. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @L_Vake, currently the PDF Export will print each frame of the presentation, including each zoom. You can however print it again with a PDF printer (Chrome for instance) and select only the pages you would like to keep.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thank you for the answer.However, It will be a lot of work haha

I’ve wondered about a function where you could do a “remove all” for animations as well. I’d want it within the edit mode so it could be utilized at any point (not just at the downloading phase). So, this might be a fringe use-case but I could see something like that being helpful here… You could make a simple printable copy by removing the animations prior to saving (rather than weeding out after).

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks for your comment! :slight_smile: I’ve forwarded this feedback to our product team regarding the customizable PDF export. We will update this thread if there are any news.