Drawing Package

Adding a drawing package to Prezi would eliminate a significant amount of work it takes to replace PowerPoint. The workaround now is to build everything in PowerPoint, save it as a picture and then import.

So this is not what you’re looking for:


Hi Rob. some bits in the mean time - here is a free hand colour drawing tool

Also, using the crop feature to close off your graphics can be very powerful - try it on these. Save your own PDF shapes page from PowerPoinrt or OpenOffice.org suite (drawing pakage is free) and crop what you need.



No… A bit more sophistication. I’ll comment on John’s response below.

I like the effort on the hand color package. I’ve looked at saving every PowerPoint shape as a picture - just not looking forward to the effort. Also, current PowerPoint has many object manipulation features that bring some real power to drawing items. At a minimum I can use different arrow options and styles (right angle, etc.). Trying to connect pictures as a flow diagram with shapes is normal for me as we are a technical product company. This is impossible in Prezi as you can’t line up and keep the same size an arrow as a picture. Therefore, I’m back to building in PowerPoint, creating a picture and embedding it. This sucks of course because any change requires the whole process to start again.