Duplicating selected path segments

Is it possible to duplicate path segments within prezi? For instance, I have a prezi of 80 path steps. Now I want to duplicate path steps 10 to 15, and introduce this duplicated path segment after step 20 so that I am able to reproduce the exact same movement without having to take the pain of having to add path one step at a time, and then subsequently dragging the new step point from all the way down from 81 to 21. I mean there’s gotta be a better way of reordering the path other than having to drag.

Hello Jaideep Sarkar,

although you are right (multiple dragging is not available yet) and if I understand you correctly you may be able to do this with the little ‘+’ sign - found next to the path number

You could drag this from path point 20 back to path point 10 (making it path point 21) and so on - it should fit in the path thumbnails in its right place automatically.