Duplicating Slide

Hey all. I was wondering if there is a way to duplicate a slide so that a presentation may start with one particular zoom out and end on that same zoom out view?

Hello Marisa Antonello,

there is a key shortcut for duplicating content - after selecting the frame and objects use control ‘D’ to duplicate the objects.  However, the simplest way is just to add another path point to the frame right at the end to give you that view again.

hope this helps



Hello again, John. Thanks for responding. I still need a bit of help here…I am trying to add another path point but don’t quite know how. So to be clear: I want to link up my last slide right back to my first slide, so that the presentation both begins and ends on the same zoomed out view of everything.


Well what do you know - I just clicked the canvas and it did it! So please disregard the question :slight_smile: