Edit button visible in fullscreen

A recent change seems to be interfering with going full screen. Even when I click the icon in lower right when doing a presentation, it still shows the title, “Edit” icon and the control bar on the bottom, rather than the normal full screen mode which is, well, full screen for my slides and the control bar shows up if I move the mouse to the bottom of the screen.

How can I get back to getting actual full screen? Tried F11 and everything else. This is with prezi classic presentation, in Chrome, on Windows

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Try the prezi app maybe?

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Well, yes, obviously – but that’s not what I want to do, and I think this is a bug in the new prezi web interface – surely it’s not intentional to have a fullscreen button that doesn’t make things fullscreen in a presentation program.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, that edit button is there so you can jump back editing your presentation. The present mode, in this case, is there to preview your work.

I would suggest you create a View Link of your presentation and open that link. If you are using a View Link you will not have the “edit” button or any header if you activate the full screen.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

No, that doesn’t help in two ways. First of all, the documentation says there will be 3 dots next to the present button, and there are not, so there is no way to get to the “View Link” function I can find, at least following these instructions.

Secondly, this doesn’t make sense. Presenting is the fundamental thing to do with a Prezi! There is a big “Present” button and that should be how you present it, not how you view you yourself with ability to edit it. The present button should do what it always did – set it up for presentation to a group, and there it should fill the screen as it always did – the audience is not to be shown the title or control cursor or edit button or other controls. I really don’t understand. This is a presentation tool, why would the presentation mode get a complex interface where you have to create a link, save it and go to it?

To follow on, I think that “View Link” is only in Prezi Next. I don’t use Prezi Next, it is not suitable for my style of presenting. However, the presentation view for Prezi Classic presentations is what has broken by being able to not go full screen. I have found that it seems possible to get around it by going in and editing the Prezi (requires flash, however, which results in other problems) and from there you can select “present” and you can get a proper fullscreen.

Where can I file this as a bug report. I can’t be intentional!

Hi @Brad_Templeton, thanks for your feedback, I’ve shared it with our product team.

In case you are using Prezi Classic, you should be able to create the above-mentioned link from the privacy and sharing option in your menu.

This may work, but I hope they fix this soon. After all, the purpose of a presentation program is to give presentations! I always thought it was strange that it took two clicks before, rather than one. To make it take several clicks and a copy and paste … I just can’t see why that would even be considered. Not that powerpoint is any paragon of UI, but at least there you hit F5 or pick start slideshow from the menu and you’re presenting, full screen. Plus, when I tested this method on a computer without flash enabled, while it didn’t do the box with edit button, the arrow key bar at the bottom would not vanish after a short time as it normally does.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, thanks, we’ve reported this to our developers, we will update this thread if we have any news.