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Is there a way to view the edit history on a shared Prezi?

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For the time being it’s not visible on the user interface when different edits were made on a presentation, but this a request that often comes up, so we’ll make sure it is forwarded to the product team.


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I have a question regarding the editions of collaborators, is there any option within the Prezi system about being able to view the editions that each collaborator made if there is more than one person editing in the presentation? In order to know who made which edition.

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Hello @Rodrigo_Seger, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You are not able to see a history of editions in Prezi Next, you can only see if someone is editing any content when you’re inside the online editor :slight_smile:

hi is there a way to view history

Hello @clclem_ruan, could you please check my reply above? :slight_smile:

Hi. Does anybody know where to find the versions history?

Hi @Pablo_Alvarez the Prezi Next release notes are available here. If you’re looking to check your presentation’s version history, that’s only accessible to Prezi staff at the moment - we can revert your presentations to an earlier state though on request.

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Is there any chance to implement the history of edition on Prezi website/app in near future / Prezi Roadmap? I’m asking this because sometimes some presentations have more than 3 editors.

Hey @Jim_Dias I’ve forwarded this to our Product Team for consideration, hopefully it will be included in a future release.

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Even if it would be a premium feature, it’s worth of consideration as companies (and even individuals) need to audit them the presentations.

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Hello community, this feature is currently on our roadmap, we’ll share any developments about it in this post :slight_smile:

I would like to make a few suggestions for collaboration. We would like the ability to know who made the changes when offering edit permissions for collaboration and sharing. Also, we would like a versioning restore option in case someone makes a mistake or the same presentation is used with slight variations.


Hello @ARC_user, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Thanks for your suggestion, this feature is already on our roadmap, and any updates related to it will be posted in this thread :slight_smile: