Edit the path as in Prezi Classic



I’ve been a Prezi user since the very early days and have loved the “infinite zoom” concept and freedom of being able to place things wherever I want on a canvas - it’s what made Prezi stand out and unique.

The absence of a “presenter mode” was frustrating at times and required printing out thumbnails - so I was super excited to see this now in Prezi Next

I spent 3 hours last night learning how to use the new paradigm and come to the conclusion that the most powerful feature missing is the classic path tool.

I have always treated my Prezi as a “mood board” for a presentation - there is much more on there than I normally present at any one presentation - but the fact that the audience could briefly see that there was more content than I was showing them has generated me further follow on business.

I loved the ability to use Infographics in my Prezi and I could simply draw a frame around the relevant content and it was automatically added to the path.

Using the same presentation for a different audience was a matter of deleting a few points from the path and adding in a few more.

NOW - with the lack of the old “frames” construct and the constraint of the “topics” construct, my favourite tool has become little more than a (slightly) more animated version of PowerPoint or Keynote.

PLEASE - bring back the old path and frames concept for those of us that have been customer advocates for many, many years.

Until then, it’s back to classic for me - I just hope you don’t remove classic altogether until then.

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Yes, I agree with all of what Andrew says.


I completely agree. Love the new design and features, but my presentation seems lacking without the ability to edit the path.


Yes, miss the path tool & frame creation.


Agreed. Great new feel, but would like to more control over the path.


You can rearrange the order of subtopics by rearranging the thumbnails in the left sidebar of the editor. Can you perhaps elaborate a little more on what exactly you’d like to be able to do within the current setup so we get a better understanding of this request? Thanks.



Here’s an idea for a workaround that might work for you. Place a topic over each section of the infographic image that you want to highlight. Then set the opacity of all topics to zero. Remove all subtopics so your topics act like Prezi Classic frames. Here’s a link to an example: Infographic prezi next. It zooms back out to the overview after each topic. If you wanted it to follow a specific path, you could use the Zoom to Area animation feature instead, but with this you wouldn’t be able to randomly select which area of the infographic you want to zoom to.



Thanks for the suggestion Robin - I’ll give that a go - not ideal having to pfaf around with the extra steps and toggle the animations - was so much easier beforehand …

Based on the forum feedback though - I’m not going to be using Prezi Next in “anger” for a while - certainly not for any of my paid speaking gigs - loss of background image quality, lack of support for previously supported image types, less support for large file sizes - the list seems to go on - for now I’m firmly treating Prezi next as a “Beta” product until I gain as much confidence in it as I have for the Classic version


Hi Vera

First I’ll provide some context - I’m a professional public speaker and for years, Prezi has been my “secret weapon” that I have used to bring my talks to life. Every single time I speak I get complimented for the dynamic manner in which I use movement across the canvas to dramatically change from a high level topic, to “zooming in to detail” and then seemingly “moving to a side note” that almost looks like it’s an afterthought as the direction of movement is different to what came before.

Whenever people ask me how I made the presentation and I say “Prezi” - if they have heard about it their response is “oh - I tried that but yours looks nothing at all like the ones I’ve seen before - don’t they just do those things in bubbles?”

You see - the casual users in the past have just fired up one of your templates and plugged stuff in.

Like many of us on the forum - I have invested hundreds of hours (no exaggeration) in learning how to exploit the capability that made you guys unique - the “infinite zoom” concept - it’s what attracted me to the platform all those years ago.

When I create a new talk, I start with a storyline and a “theme” - the theme is represented by the background image and I use a high resolution image so that I can zoom in through “layers” of depth like I am “digging deeper” into the topics.

I then start arranging the various components of my story across the canvas - but I specifically position them at a level of zoom such that when fully “zoomed out” (what your new “overview” concept is) NOT ONE SINGLE image is visible - this is important to me as I want the story to “unfold” - something I can’t easily do with Prezi next at this point in time as when I’ve tried I get the “can’t zoom in” error and the items are all still visible - so now I would have to start playing with animation settings that I never had to do before.

I place sufficient content on the canvas to cover the longest duration of a talk - 50 minutes.

The content will be a mix of images, infographics and videos

Now here is the kicker - a client requests a talk of only 30 minutes and wants a specific focus on certain aspects.

Suddenly what was a “subtopic” in your new Prezi Next terms would become a topic - and some of the content that was under one topic would perhaps now be more relevant under a different “topic” in order to make the new, shorter storyline more coherent.

Some of the infographics will require different parts highlighted to what I had highlighted before.

In Prezi classic, my workflow was extremely simple:- I’d make a copy of the original talk and then hit “edit path” to rearrange the new storyline - dropping things out where required. I’d then quickly move the individual elements around and re-size them where required - bigger for “topics”, smaller for “subtopics” and change position of “on the side” diversions - and I’d simply reposition the frames drawn on the infographics to zoom into a different area.

NONE of the above is easily achievable in your new Prezi Next concept.

So in response to your specific question:- my ideal is one of 2 things:-

  1. the addition of “presenter mode” to Prezi classic (that’s all it was short of - I know, I know - you’re not going to be developing Prezi Classic anymore - but seriously, that’s all it lacked for power users - oh, and animated gif support …)


  1. just have a “power user” toggle on Prezi next - that gives us “old hands” the power and flexibility of paths and frames - we really don’t need to be hand held and we REALLY don’t like being forced into using “Topics”, “Stacks” and “Planets”

We are your most loyal customers - I’ve just checked - I’ve been on Prezi since February 2011 … I sincerely hope that the next time your product team makes “enhancements”, they don’t forget about those of us that have been showcasing Prezi in front of audiences for many, many years.


Andrew: I couldn’t agree more to what you are saying! With Prezi Classic we have a tool which gave as the freedom to move away from the linear Powerpoint way of presenting. With Prezi Next we do a big step back. There is more to presentations than nice animations and zooming features.


Andrew, I could not agree with you more! We have the same situation and my team and boss are now looking in to how we can make other platforms that we have used in the past becuase Prezi Next is now just like them (excecpt it zooms) Why continue to pay Prezi when we can build the same looking presentations as Next and not have to pay Prezi the subscription? We are in a delima too becuase we have also spent HUNDREDS of hours developing our Prezis. You have two very good suggestions and I hope that Prezi will serieously look at them and do them! We are waiting to see what Prezi will do in the next few months after they ponder all of the feedback from dissatisfied, loyal customers. It seems right now that the company response is, “Sorry for the inconvience and if you don’t like Next, go back to Classic.” The problem with this is that we all have been waiting for Classic’s outdated tech to be updated only to wake up on morning and be SHOCKED how Next is not an update but a whole new product that does not do what caused us all to fall in love with Prezi. :frowning:





This posting program is a pain to get through (I mean I have to add this sentence so it would even post my reply)

Thank you ANDREW!!!




Dear Andrew, you could not get to the point better than the way you did… I am not an old Prezi User, but after “meeting” Prezi, some months ago, and after loosing my job, I decided to start my own business, based on Prezi (Classic of course…).
I therefore bought the License and I am now planning all issues and details of my new Company, here in Italy (where Prezi is not so well known, at the moment).
To me Prezi Classic is TRULY REVOLUTIONARY, while Prezi Next seems to me “just another software” (a nice one, but not so unique).
In this forum I see comments which are going in this direction, so I am glad that many of us (Prezi lovers, I’d say) are feeling this way. My hope is therefore that Prezi, the Company, is listening to us and will consider some changes to go back to the main Prezi unique features, those that helped to make Prezi a fantastic tool…

Thank you for listening,
Davide, luzzpresents:
Genoa, Italy


If you were trying to turn prezi next into PowerPoint with circles you were successful. PowerPoint has been using tiles and topics for years. The power of prezi was the ability to zoom anywhere within an image to dig deeper and deeper into a topic. This new format completely stifles creativity and even worse it creates boring presentations. I am very disappointed. You guys are way better than this. Stick with what made you so successful. PLEASE bring back frames and the ability to edit the path.


I am afraid it is not going to happen. We now have a “souped up” version of PowerPoint, why pay the extra money if you already have PP? That is our question and we are getting very close to a decision as a company whether to exit Prezi or not. Prezi is no longer revolutionary, it is now ordinary with zooming. Meh. . . . So sad. :cry:


and reach a unique presentation?

But Prezi Next is more beautiful than the other solutions, you may thank your stars, and if @Andrew_Vorster 's ideal(s) should come true, I have another reason for continuing my Prezi account. The first reason is that I’ll lose my Prezi Classic account if I decline Prezi Next…


Agreed with the LibreOffice, but my company pays for the Office 360, so I use it. :slight_smile: I am a shocked that Prezi has not really addressed the many issues and shortcomings that Next has along with really addressing the negative reviews of Next beyond, “Sorry, Next does not do that, sorry for the inconvenience.” I am getting tired of that phrase. There are a few great things about Next, but the functions that have been lost outnumber the positives. :frowning:


Andrew’s post is so well written. You have forgotten what made you successful. Please listen to our feedback. Every time I give a paid lecture people come up to me and ask me how I made the presentation. I have always joyfully given your company the credit. We helped make you successful, and you have completely burned us with this new product. All of the features that made you so special are gone. For someone who makes a living with these presentations you have broken my heart. please make Prezi Classic better, but don’t destroy it.


+1 for Andrew’s comments. Heck, have +10.

I have used Prezi classic extensively in the career development space across several Universities and the increase in student engagement and learning was phenomenal. I advocated it’s use wherever possible and introduced many to it’s benefits. After a brief spell out of the industry I have just started a new project at a new university and registered a new Prezi account only to discover the current ‘Next’ predicament as articulated so well by Andrew.

The freedom and ability to break any existing presenting mould that Prezi classic provided so well was its defining feature. You have/had a game-changing product - and have now cut the best of its features out for the sake removing flash. Is it worth the ire you have roused from your most prolific users and (formerly) staunchest advocates?

Please. Read the forums. Read these comments.
Reevaluate why people actually use Prezi.

Consider all those who have not bothered posting here and have simply stopped using Prezi.
Or have gone to your wily competitors.


M. Evans


[Well stated, @Andrew_Vorster! You’ve summed it up nicely.

I’m still laughing at your comment about [quote=“Andrew_Vorster, post:9, topic:1079”]
“oh - I tried that but yours looks nothing at all like the ones I’ve seen before - don’t they just do those things in bubbles?”