Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

Workaround: I have used the animations tool on my “Overview Slide” and created a series of 28 “zoom to area” effects in a row which when played in succession acts the same as “frames”. You can manually set the “zoom area” size and location in a similar way as frames.

However the major downside is I now can’t play any videos on my presentation. You must be in a Topic or Subtopic slide to play a video. I can’t seem to find a way to create a set of “Zoom, Animations” then move into a Topic slide in order to play a video, and then get back to the “Overview Slide” and resume a new set of “Zoom, Animation” to move through the next portion of the presentation.

@Prezi Support @Vanda: Is there a way to duplicate the “overview slide” or create multiple sets of animations? So I can enter a topic slide to play a video, and then go back to the overview slide and resume my navigation through the rest of the presentation.

@Prezi Support @Vanda: Additionally if its no longer possible to create Prezi Classic projects please take down all Prezi Classic support articles. I have searched and found solutions on how to do 5 different things in prezi classic. Then when I switch to prezi next support all 5 of these don’t even have articles because the feature no longer exists. Why lead me on and give help on a platform that doesn’t exist anymore?

@Prezi I’m worried you may have made a critical error in this new direction. Why would I use Prezi instead of native Keynote or Powerpoint if there is no feature differentiation and no more paths & frames.

@Robert_Morton I’ve just tested and videos should play without any issues if they are dropped on the canvas and a zoom area is added around them. You can also add another zoom area to your overview and paste into the sequence of the animations. I’m inserting a gif illustrating the process:

As for the articles for Prezi Classic, users who had Classic accounts before the release of Prezi Next are still able to create content and edit their existing presentations, so the Knowledge Base articles are important for their editing purposes.

I hope it clarifies some aspects, please let us know if you have any questions

Just spent two hours building my first presentation in Prezi Next only to discover this issue with presentation mode going back to the overview slide between each topic. Unbelievable that this forum has been going on since the spring and Prezi has not fixed this major issue. As a professional giving up to forty presentations a semester, I find this to be a huge disappointment.

We also are very surprised and disappointed that a company that prides itself on innovation and looking completely different has yet to listen to ALL of their customers when it comes to this update, not just sales people. We are currently still working on Classic, but if this MAJOR issue does not get fixed in the next few months, we will go to a competitor since they are offering similar looking products and deliver what we had in Classic. It is a major disappointment for us as well since we also can not use Prezi with tools such as Presenter Pro during conventions and conferences. :frowning:

I’d love to know who the competitor is please - just so that I can make contingency plans … I’m still blowing audiences away with my Classic presentations and Next doesn’t come close - I need to know what Classic can be replaced by to achieve the same effect.

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It would be a great favour if you added the ability to change the pathway of a presentation, just like it was in Prezi Classic. The way you can change it now is also fine, but personally, it’s a bit more confusing.

We are testing 4 other tools. Nothing is like Classic (including Next). We are trying to find the best alternative if Next continues the way it is now. I will let you know what we find. :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Vorster and @RobinsNest_Pro although we’re happy to be a community platform for fruitful and engaging discussions about presentations, platforms and techniques in general, please bear in mind that this is primarily a forum for Prezi Next and its features.

We work hard on keeping our topics organized and easily searchable for users who come here to find help or voice their feedback concerning features. That’s why it’s important to keep our topics clean and to the point, as it’s also described in our community guidelines. We understand that the lack of some features can be frustrating but we’d like to ask you not to divert from the theme of already existing threads.

We regularly report the feedback of the community, some of our Product Managers check the popular posts themselves, so having well-structured and easy to follow discussions is an interest of everyone. Thank you!

I’m a bit confused by your attitude - if you scroll to the top of this thread you will see that it was started by … ME

My comments have in no way diverted from the “theme” of my original post that started this thread.

I’d be much less frustrated if my concerns were addressed - and I’m pretty sure @RobinsNest_Pro would be too.

I am in full agreement with Andrew. It shocked me that we were told that we have violated forum guidelines by not being “clean and to the point” and by your guidelines what is defined as not “clean” we were saying something “obscene or sexually explicit.” We both have been very clean and to the point, maybe too much so, that you felt that our frustrations and concerns needed to be silenced rather than truly addressed.

I followed the link you suggested. This is incredibly frustrating:

Prezi Classic: The Prezi Classic path determines the sequence of all of its frames. The path gives the Prezi designer complete freedom of movement. The size, orientation, and position of the frames within the path controls how the prezi moves.

Prezi Next: You cannot change the path in Prezi Next. There is a fixed sequence that goes from Overview to Topic to Subtopic. The only control you have over movement in Prezi Next is to adjust the location and sequence of the frames. You can’t change their rotation, and you have very little control over their size and frame type.

Workaround: None. There are things that Prezi Classic does that Prezi Next just can’t do. My advice is to gain a good understanding of how Prezi Next is structured so you can get it to do what you want it to do.


“There are things that Prezi Classic does that Prezi Next just can’t do.” These “things” are what set Prezi Classic apart from other presentation software. Flash is no longer an option. I get that. What I don’t get and what frustrates me so deeply is how something that is being marketed as the next big thing, the next advancement in technology, the next level is in reality not an advancement but a by far more restrictive experience for users who enjoyed the design freedom of paths with Prezi Classic.

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I would also like to know what you find out! Please add me to your list when you find an alternative option to Prezi Next that is more similar to Prezi Classic!

I believe Zoom Areas are what you’re looking for. You can adjust exactly like invisible-style Prezi Classic frames (with the exception of being locked into 16:9 aspect ratio). They can be scaled up & down, & even rotated. You can set close together or far apart for different effects. Try manipulating a few using the Animations menu within any level of Overview/Topic/Subtopic and you might be surprised at how close you can duplicate a Classic flow.

Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Here’s hoping!

I have tried what you are explaining and it works, but you have no way of seeing where you are coming from and going to because there is no deck. If you want to change something quickly, you cannot. It can look the same in the presentation, but it does not perform the same way when you are putting it together. It took me 4x the time to do this than doing the very same thing in Classic. I just created an amazing presentation with Classic that is impossible with Next. So, per upper management we will continue creating with Classic and for now, we will use it, but the amount of effort to get Next to NOT look like a fancy PowerPoint presentation is frustrating. Ms. Ellis, if you have any luck, please share. We are about to just leave Prezi and use something else. It is very frustrating and sad.

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@RobinsNest_Pro @Ms_Ellis I’ll invite you to the thread I opened up about creating an outline to help track frame content, let me know what you think?

That would be great. I have all but given up on Prezi. :frowning: My boss basically has. The only thing that is keeping our company with Prezi is the Classic presentations I can still make. :frowning:


Just saw your site/blog What a great site to help us Classic guys transition to New


@Andrew_Dasys, I’ve created a special course just for Classic users: Transition to Prezi Next