Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

I’d like to see that thread.

Great idea and we have been doing this. You have to be aware though that if you want to change anything it takes a longer time than just moving the “card”. We have tried this and it takes 2X - 4X the time than in Classic. I hope that movement to add the “path tool” will happen quicky.

Yeah, I may have been just basically re-stating what this thread has already covered, but in a more direct “this is exactly what I personally want to see” manner… But ultimately making the Zoom Areas interact with the presentation outline, or flow, much like the old Classic frames is the goal. My way of proposing (in my opinion) puts less focus on altering the Overview-Topic-Subtopic flow (let’s forget about “fixing” that organization for now) and it puts more focus on making the Animations menu more interactive and allows content contained within the animations themselves to be much more visible; with faster “path-like” manipulation. Almost like fitting Classic inside of Next rather than retroactively altering Next to behave more like Classic. Does that make sense? And I’m not saying this is what others have asked for exactly, but it was an attempt at clarifying what I thought a possible solution might be for many that both like & dislike Next’s changes.

I was hoping to get enough feedback on my suggestion (and positive & negative both welcome!) to see if this actually had legs.

This has been one of my biggest problems with Next. We are NOT a sales force. We are trainers and Classic has been great for us and we were so excited for Next. . . we are back to Classic, beause we need to move things around from training to training on a path, NOT topics and sub topics that fade in and out. The feed back we got from trainers and trainees is the question of why the topics would move to the place and then fade in and out. They have thought it was a glitch in the new program. :slight_smile: The path and using cards with the animation is the way to go!

Just want to reiterate my frustration at the loss of the infinite canvas and Path. I’ve paid for Prezi for 6 years. Moving to Next is frustrating without a clear ability to transfer presentations from Classic to Next, but at least I could keep my old files. The inability to create the Path that I could use in Classic is approaching a deal-breaker for me. The solutions offered in the replies to this thread are to use onerous multi-step next-best solutions that still don’t provide the level of creativity, user control, and granularity that Path offered.


+1 for this. Discovered that we couldn’t use pathing, and am now exploring competitors to switch all our business accounts too. This was a deal breaker for us, the flexibility and creative freedom to present in a non standard way was what made us adopt Prezi to start with. Classic being on flash means we can’t stay on it long term, so now I’m looking at focusky and similar to see if they will work for us as a replacement.

Hopefully prezi next will add it as a feature, but without being updated on the roadmap we will have to find another solution for now.


I agree. The loss of the Infinite canvas and Path tool has destroyed the USP of Prezi, I see little point in using Prezi Next until the original functionality from Prezi Classic is restored. A real, real shame; Prezi - what were you thinking?!


Everything was said… I just want to add that at this point I don’t want to pay 60$ as student for this version of Prezi.

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@vanda @Prezi Support What is the latest status here? I am an educator who has been introducing 100 students per year to Prezi for many years now, but this year’s group is finding the exercise largely pointless without the ability to control the path. I’ve read all of the articles you’ve posted about in this thread, but the bottom line is that we need a way to adjust the flow of the talk ourselves. We need to be able to go directly from a subtopic of one topic to a point of our choosing in a different topic or to be able to revisit part of our canvas a 2nd or 3rd time in the talk. Fixing the strict hierarchy of topics and subtopics in Prezi Next is not in the spirit of the whole reason we use Prezi to begin with. The “zoom areas” in Prezi Next are helpful as a workaround, but too difficult to structure and track in large numbers.


Utterly staggered that the path and infinite canvas has gone.

Your single greatest competitive advantage was the ability to structure presentations on a canvas and allow the user to tailor and customise the path. And you removed it???

Extraordinary that a company could take this strategic direction, it defies logic and common sense, I’d hate to be an investor


In Prezi Next you can structure the timeline of the presentation using topics and zoom areas.

You can apply zooming and fading to elements such as topics, symbols, and images, which lets you easily control when and how the material is shown. The animations can be placed at the beginning, at the end, and in-between the topics of the presentation allowing the presenter to hide and reveal the content according to their presentation’s needs.

To make the editing of the presentation easier, to change the order of the appearance of the topics, you can switch two topics in the sidebar or drag and drop topics around the canvas.

The size of the canvas can be controlled by taking elements further away or closer to the center.

Please find the examples of two different approaches below.

A presentation can be built with the purpose of disclosing the content gradually, for the “big reveal”:


Or it can rather be made to lead the viewer from topic to topic with the ability to dive deeper into any of them:


Two questions related to this …

  1. After I “dive deeper” on a topic, can I move on to the next topic WITHOUT first popping back out to the Topic I had dived in from? If so, how?

  2. In my experience so far, the zoom areas don’t show up in the Topic Panel display on the left. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get them to show there?

If you go inside a topic and move between subtopics, you will not go back to the topic overview every time, you will go from subtopic to subtopic as shown in the example below:


Unfortunately, it is not possible to display zoom areas in the left sidebar.

Why say that you can do linear than? We put together one like this and it is so difficult to alter it with the different training that we do that we just went back to Classic. When is this going to be changed? Part of the reason why you have the left side bar is so you can easily switch where you have your “path” go. This just made the path tool useless! Come on Prezi, you are better than this!

Couldn’t agree more. Prezi have taken a great product and totally crippled it. Is there anyway to use Prezi Classic? I can only get to Prezi Next via my dashboard which, as we have discussed on this page, is now worse than powerpoint.

@Andrew_Vorster :blush: Hi, Andrew. I agree!! I enjoyed the Path very much for the reasons you’ve stated and the ease of organization. Prezi Next, again, trying to reinvent the wheel, has made the process more confusing in some ways . But that’s just my take. Ever trying to prevent "Death By PowerPoint " (from boredom, obviously :rofl: ) I used to animate my slides, loop beautifully pertinent, soft sounds plus use picture backgrounds. I found a feature hiding in Word that made bullets interesting, too, but absolutely nothing compares to acreatively thought out Prezi. Consider my audience NUMBER ONE! And I believe the pathways helped. I am not as experienced as you, but , heck, I couldn’t even access Classic. Had to use Next when I wasn’t comfortable with it.

@Andrew_Vorster OH MY GOODNESS! ! I’m sorry…how did that happen? Your original post appeared running after mine.
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@Laura_Duran, no worries, I have edited the post and you can do so too in the future, you just need to hit the pencil icon.

Can you make topics that don’t connect to the others automatically?

Something like the “Edit Path” in Prezi Classic. So you don’t go to that topic when you’re doing a presentation but it’s still there.

I’m doing a presentation for school and need to put my script in the presentation for my teatcher, but I don’t want to have it show up while I’m doing the presentation.

It’s urgent! Pls send help! :slight_smile: