Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

If you would send us a link to the presentation we could suggest a solution specific to that presentation.

In the meantime, maybe you could place the text in the overview outside the topics in a separate text box? Or make it the very last topic so that you don’t have to show it to the audience but you could show it to the teacher?

Also, if you would like to know more about content revealing, please feel free check these two interesting solutions offered by other users here and here.

Thank you so much!

This solved my problem.

Great that you as a staff member was able to help out so quickly!

Thanks againd!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind feedback, glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

I can do this with subtopics, as you have done, but cannot figure out how to do it with topics. I also have not figured out how to easily and reliably reorder Topics (or subtopics) without physically moving them on the canvas (and even when I do move them on the canvas, it’s challenging to get the order the way I want it).

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It’s not possible to have the exact same effect with topics - in the example @Lana showed the subtopics behave as topics and you can build your presentation further by inserting additional subtopics inside them.

As for reordering the structure of your presentation, I’d suggest you to check this thread on our forum:

Is it possible to change individually the path like it used to be in prezi classic? Because I want it to zoom out to the main side after every page…
I can’t find it anywhere.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Anton_Jung Prezi Next has a different structure than Prezi Classic but similar effects can be achieved. You can check some workarounds suggested in this thread above.

Maybe I’m asking something has already been solved but, reading through the replies couldn’t find any.
Question is simple:
Now I have this path and is ok:

Overview -> Topic1 -> Topic2 -> Topic 3 -> Subtopic 1a1b1c -> Subtopic 2a2b2c -> Subtopic 3a3b3c

The problem is HOW I WANT to close the presentation, as I would like it after the last subtopic 3c to “jump” to a NEW topic (final image) but if I add it it would become the 4th topic that would be shown at the beginning when all the topics are shown and I DO NOT WANT this, the final image must be shown at the END not previewed at the beginning.
Is there a way?
How do you close a presentation with a full screen NEW image?.
Hope I have been able to make it understandable.

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Hi, @Pietro_Giacomo_Annon.

Here you can see that what you are trying to achieve could be done using an animation:

And here is a recording of the end of the presentation:

Would this be something you would like to add to the presentation?

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I would like the ability to modify the animation sequence…

Right now… it moves from

1 (with A,B,C)–>1.A–>1.A.1–> 1.A.2–> 1.A.3–>1.A.4 --> 1.B–>1.B.1–>1.B.2–> 1.C–>1.C.1–>1.C.2 ETC.

I would have liked the audience to see the main menu 1 (with A, B, C) after each drill down… (i.e. After 1.A.4–>1 (with A,B,C) --> 1.B --> 1.B.1 etc.

Audience gets lost in the animation - forgets that there was A, B, C at the highest level.

Can it be resolved within the existing framework?

@Vishal_Ranjan I merged your question to the relevant topic, please see the workarounds above. We will also post any updates regarding this feature request here.

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I have read so many posts here… I think that Prezi is just not listening to us.
Otherwise in nine months (180 DAYS!) they could solve the problem.
I’m sorry to have renewed my contract for another year…

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I have decided that I am going to move on from Prezi and instead start using Focusky. I am not convinced that Prezi are either capable, or care, to listen to their customers and instead force their support staff to use pre-canned excuses (“we’ll keep Classic to honour loyal customers”, “we’ll pass your feedback on” etc…) so I am going.

After a number of years being a loyal customer this really sucks

Focusky gives me all the features that Classic gave me (zooming, path editing, infinite canvas) but using HTML5. I’ll have to keep my subscription here for Prezi a little while but can always port over my presentations as I need to.

Damn shame, would love Prezi to try and convince me to stay but if they’re not going to re-create Classic with editable paths, controlled zooming and basically ditch all the garbage Next as put in then it will be futile


Thanks for bringing Focusky to our attention Andrew - it looks like an interesting product - I do have a concern about it however - do you know anything about their ongoing support and development? Their twitter account hasn’t been active since August 2017 - which always raises alarm bells for me as an early indicator of a company that is running into trouble.

As much as I am frustrated with elements of PreziNext, at least they still seem to be alive and well for now.


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Hey Andrew, I wouldn’t worry about that too much, a lot of companies are not always active on social media, I know a few company owners. Another few good websites, I wouldn’t use prezi, (read my other post) but not the worst presentation websites are Emaze Presentations and Biteable. They are fun little websites that can help you in an easy way. You could also stick to the regular power point or google slides they have little tricks to them that aren’t very known. Have fun creating!

I’ve just read this thread with interest. I’ve now prepared three or four Next presentations and was wondering why I felt so constrained by comparison with Prezi Classic. Reading the experiences of others has helped me understand.

I liked that in Classic I could cut down a 60 minute presentation to 30 minutes just by editing the path. It worries me that I can’t do that with my recent ones in Next.

I’m wondering whether I might simply abandon Classic for now and go back to using Next. My worry about that would be how long Prezi might support Classic.

Prezi assures us that they will continue to maintain Prezi Classic. They won’t be making updates to it but you can be assured that you will still be able to access it with your Prezi Classic login.

Thanks Robin this was helpful for me. I am just trying Prezi next for the first time and feeling frustrated at the lack of control - have managed to zoom into added image using the animation zoom feature. Not sure how to place a topic over an image as you suggest - only seem to be able to add stack or planet topic and can’t drag them around.