Edit the path as in Prezi Classic



My response to the infographic question was for an earlier release of Prezi Next. Since then they have added Zoom animation so you no longer need to work around the problem with invisible topics. Instead, put your infographic on the overview and add a Zoom to Area for each section of the infographic that you want to zoom to.


So, it’s been a year.

I’m playing with Next and I’m looking for the cool path navigation I could do in Prezi Classic.

Where are we at with these new features?

The super zooming capability really helps for some presentation styles and without precise control over zoom levels and rotation, Next really becomes just another slideshow.

So what’s the latest??


Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?

@James_Saxon, I have merged your post the relevant thread with the discussion on the topic and some workarounds. Please see that the idea is currently labelled as ‘under discussion’. We’ll update the thread with any news.


Thanks Lana! I’m not clear though what this means. Where are the workarounds and discussion?


Good luck on the workarounds. We went back to Classic after wasting so much time (it takes 3-4X as much time to do a “path” in Next, and if you want to move something, plan on taking even more time) and still not being able to get a path like in Classic. Yes, Lana, we are NOT pleased at all that even after OVER A YEAR of this request we STILL have not had a single REAL update on this. . . .


@James_Saxon, I only meant that this is the thread with the discussion on the subject of path editing and the workarounds are presented in some answers above.


Ah ok. Thank you. It’s a shame that Prezi was so Adobe Flash centric. If only Adobe hadn’t just completely dropped the ball on making Macromedia’s original amazing tool render in HTML 5.


I learned how to use Prezi as a middle schooler nearly 8 years ago. Naturally, when I was planning a presentation where I wanted more freedom and a nonlinear ordering, I thought of Prezi.

Unfortunately, what I did not realize was that Prezi has managed to remove one of the features that made it unique. The ability to change perspectives by zooming in and out was pretty much the only thing that made me inclined to use Prezi over Powerpoint, or quite frankly even better, Google Slides. I am extremely disappointed in this and I hope the Prezi team will actually implement this. Clearly, there are many users that believe this feature is vital, and the workarounds frankly don’t cut it. I expect more from Prezi and firmly believe that if Prezi wants to remain a relevant and usable tool that the path editing feature needs to return.


Clearly the Prezi Team seems more concerned about justifying taking out important features like being able to edit the path and infinite zoom. This is disappointing and seems like I will have to go back to powerpoint.

Good job team…

Please listen to your users and give them what they want. Why is this so hard to do?


We are with you! I just got done preparing a major presentation using Next. It was a REAL PAIN to do, but I did it, only to find out that the presenter needs to go back to the main topic page and animate other things in it. NOPE, cannot do! In Classic you can! So, we are now back to Classic fully and migrating back to Power Point. GREAT JOB, PREZI! SOON you will be losing us too!


Just want to check in on this topic. As it stands now, I am going to abandon Prezi in my curriculum and look for something different to teach my students. I have a few more weeks before I finalize that decision. Is there ANY chance that proper Prezi-classic-like path features will be rejuvenated in Prezi in the very near future? It’s been a very long time since we raised these issues and I get that you have Flash problems, but at this point I just need a yes/no answer. I’ll assume the default is no.


We would like to know that too! We had to fully abandon a Prezi Next presentation and had to completely reconstruct it again in Classic due to this issue. We thought we figured out a work around, but NOPE! We are in the same situation as you are.


Even though this possibility is under discussion, it’s not going to be implemented in the very near future, I’m afraid.


Okay, thank you for being straightforward about it. I will seek other tools to use with my students. I hope that you will promote it publicly if you do reimplement the features that made Prezi unique and great.


@KAMSC_MrC we will make sure to share any updates, as this is a top feature request, we hope to see it implemented in the future!


Hi Vera, if you move the thumbnails and put the presentation in order in the sidebar it automatically re-arranges the graphics in the presentation. The only way to avoid this is to have a traditional left-to-right, top-to-bottom presentation flow. It doesn’t allow for creative or dynamic presentations that are not linear. The auto connections severely reduce the ability to use one prezi for multiple different audiences. I agree with Andrew. Would be great for the design team to put connections back to how they were under Classic to give the user more control. It isnt convenient when giving a presentation to maneuver the mouse and double clicking (only work around to making the presentation flow how I want) instead of setting slides and clicking forward. The majority of comments I have seen agree.


100% agree with the above, including the dismay that this has been going on for over a year and there’s been no constructive response from Prezi. Removing the ability to easily create a non-linear presentation really makes Prezi just a prettier version of PowerPoint.