editable slide number in path

for large prezi, changing slide order is a drag
(see other request here )

when you need to move 69th slide to 35 …

would be good to just double click on slide number in path to change it to desired rank !](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/863335/25-02-2013%2020-08-07_inline.png?1361819402)](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/863335/25-02-2013%2020-08-07.png?1361819402)

Hi v2belleville,

your right this can’t be done at the moment - however I think its a good idea, so I will add it to the Users request list, hopefully for inclusion in a future release.



You can change path (in Edit path mode) by dragging into necessary place (as in Power Point).