Edited Prezi and deleted the previous one


Hopefully this makes sense but I had to make multiple prezi’s for a class. Once I finished the prezi I gave the link to the teacher. The first prezi took a while so I decided to edit over it for the new one. Once I did this the old link from the original one now only redirects to the new one I edited it to. I have both links (which are completely different) but they go to the same presentation. Pretty much my prezi got deleted once I made the new one. Here is the link for the original presentation https://prezi.com/view/ZB1nS9TSNr3E4HexBdcT , is there any way to get it back?


@Elise_Burnett Please know that the view link (even if you create multiple view links) always redirects to the most recent version of your presentation, if you edit the presentation it will always be reflected on the link as well.

If you wish to get back an older version of your presentation, please create a copy of it so you don’t lose the most recent one and I can revert the original copy to a chosen date and time.


Hi, yes I have made a copy of the most recent one to be safe. If you could revert it back to its state on November 4th, 2018 that will be the original copy I’m looking for. Thank you! Here is the link again: https://prezi.com/view/ZB1nS9TSNr3E4HexBdcT


@Elise_Burnett I reverted your presentation, could you check if this is the version you were looking for?


For me It is still showing the newest version (module 6). I am trying to bring my module 5 prezi back.


I don’t believe it was turned into the original version, it still says module 6 for me. If you can get back to me about the status of the prezi or if it is possible to retrieve the module 5 version. Thank you.


I reverted your presentation to an even earlier date, could you check it please?