Editing/Customising Prezi Video templates

I’m creating a prezi video by importing an existing prezi presentation I already have prepared.
I have Prezi video on my desktop and online (I’m a pro member).

I cannot edit / get a template for how i would like my presentation to look when recording. The entire presentation is covering my face!! Also I would like the ability to add a frame of some sort (like the option I would get if i was creating the video from scratch in Prezi), is that possible? The only options I have is to go live or record but i can’t edit anything.

I’ve been at this for hours and so frustrated. Please help.


Hi @Simone_Keize
Please note, that with the Prezi Video desktop application you can not edit the presentation that you are importing.

You can open prezi.com in a browser, build your template with either Prezi Next, or the “Advanced Create” button in Prezi Video and once you are done, you can either record online in the browser or offline with the Prezi Video desktop application.

With editing enabled this way, you can also arrange your content in a way that it does not cover your face for the recording.

Regarding the frames, I think you mean the ones that are available in our Prezi Lite templates. Those are pre-built templates by the Prezi Team, and there are the only ones currently available. You can build your own frame in the advanced edit feature, as you can download any frames with transparent inside and insert them into your video template.

We would also recommend you to use our dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here. :slight_smile:

Hope my comment answers your questions! :slight_smile:

I would like to express the same frustration Simone noted above. I love the Add Frame functionality that’s available in the Quick Record section, but I need the customization that is available in Prezi Present. Is it possible to do a quick Add Frame when working with the templates I have created myself?


Hello @Courtney_Caldwell, thank you so much for the comment, we will send your feedback to the Product responsible for Prezi Video and get back to you if we have any developments on this :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to edit a template?

I have exactly what I want, EXCEPT for the hideous purple overlay, here:

I want to be able to record video with an overlay like this. But not as a Barney look-alike.

is there a way to edit a Prezi Video template for my own use? Or a template I’m missing that would give the effect without the overlay?


Hey @Dating_Kinky the Prezi Video templates you see on the Lite Create cannot be changed however you can easily create a presentation in the Advanced Editor using the template you need and customize it there. After that, just import the presentation into Prezi Video and record.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Where do I find the Advanced Editor?

Apparently there is an “advanced create” option that allows to change templates. I do not see it Prezi Video app for Windows, neither in the Prezi Web version. Is it part of a licencend package? In the second video here it is mentioned https://prezi.com/dashboard/next/

Hi @Bernard_LeRoux, the Advanced Editor can be accessed from your Prezi Video dashboard with the button called “Use Prezi Present”.
You can find further information in this article.

Hi @Ziga_Turk, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

The Advanced Create feature is not available in the Windows application, for the web version please check my answer above. :slight_smile:

You may think you answered the question, but you did not. I followed your link and don’t see any mention of the Advanced Create feature. Can you be specific?

Hi @Jonathan_Gardner, please note that the button that has been called “Advanced Create” is now called “Use Prezi Present”. If you click on this button on your Prezi Video dashboard you will be taken to the advanced creation feature of Prezi Video. This feature uses the Prezi Present product, that’s why the name of the button has been updated.

Can I create a custom video template, that would show up in the template list for “create new video” rather than having to create the entire thing in Prezi Next and import every time?

Hello @Sean_Kennedy, currently it’s not possible to do so through “Create new video”, you need to reuse a Prezi Next presentation, but we will forward this feedback to our development team!

As a workaround, you can import your Next presentation with the custom template through the desktop app, and once it’s imported, close it and save that file. If you reopen your app, you will be able to find it in “Recently opened”, so you can record a video several times using that same file that contains the template.

Hope this could help! :slight_smile:

This would be an incredibly useful functionality for people like me who need to do webinars with a common look and feel but variations in content.

Here’s the problem with the workaround:

When I create a video in the Prezi Video app, it saves as a .pvl file, which I can easily modify later by adding frames and changing content selectively in the Prezi Video app. The same thing happens when I import a Powerpoint presentation. When I import from Prezi Next, I get a .pv file that does not appear to be easily editable in Prezi Video. It seems odd that a Powerpoint import yields a more flexible experience in Prezi Video than importing from another Prezi app. Is there a fix for this that I am missing?

Hello @Sean_Kennedy, the pv. file is not editable, you’re only able to add Presenter Notes and record several times using that same presentation/template.

I’ll reach out to our development team about the export format of draft videos that are reusing a Next presentation, as this could be a great solution for reusing and editing a “custom” template more quickly, so thank you so much for raising this matter!

I’ll get back to you as soon as we have any more details.

Or just let users customize a simple template. The movement wouldn’t have to be fancy. More important is the ability to add a custom graphic to the overlay, set colors and fonts, etc.

Hi @Sean_Kennedy, if you create a template in Prezi Next, you can edit that and record it from the web version with a few clicks, it’s not necessary that you import it every time to the desktop application. For more information please check this article.
We did, however, forward your feedback to our product team. :slight_smile:

Hi Bart,

That article actually does not help and I think you may be missing the point of my question.

The beauty of the Prezi Video app is that is so simple to add frames and content in a template. Going back to the Prezi Next web editor or the Prezi next desktop app is equally complicated. I want to edit on a custom template in the Prezi Video app itself. In fact, the only reason I would use Prezi Next at all, is because I’m not allowed to create my own template in Prezi Video.

Correct if I’m wrong, but whatever I create with Prezi Next saves as a .pv file. When I open it again, I don’t have access to the left-hand nav for frames or the “content” tab.

When I create something in the Prezi Video app, it saves as .pvl. That allows me to go back into it and add/change content very easily, save multiple versions, etc. I’m looking for that same workflow, but with a template that I can set myself.

I’m confident that I’m not the only potential use who would value this functionality. You could get a lot more corporate users, if you made it possible for them to easily work with a branded template.

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Hi @Sean_Kennedy, thanks for the detailed description of your use case.
We understand that it would be useful to have the advanced editing features in the Prezi Video application, I’ll forward it to our product team.

Until then the only workaround is to create your templates in the web or in the Next application and then record the video with the PV application.