Editing on Ipad

Hi @Lana

With the new iPad Pro coming shortly and like many others, I will exchange my laptop for an Ipad. We NEED an editing app for Prezi on Ipad.
Is there any news from the Prezi devs about this subject ?


Hello, @Kraghar. I am afraid there is no update on iPad editing.

Well, that was quick. Sign up, download… and iPads aren’t supported. Not interested in the Viewer… need to create, and the iPad Pro is my computer. Not supported, and no sign of intrerest from what’s stated here.

Sign up, download… delete.


Please make Editing on the iPad work. This is the reason my wife had to take a mid-2009 MacBookPro with her to a work-trip. She was shocked to find out that she couldn’t edit her Prezi presentation with the iPad. We tried with Mobile Safari and going to prezi.com - only to be chucked to the Prezi Viewer app.

Also, please make it so that presenting from iPad is possible, and the iPhone can function as a clicker. She now can’t control the presentation that’s running on the iPad, from the iPhone. This is beyond frustrating.

There’s also a lot of crosstalk all over the place, in fact, your own video says “Yes, can view with iPad and control with iPhone”. Please fix your customer support and social media answerers to follow the Prezi script instead of writing uninformed “Yes it should work” answers to people on your YouTube channel.

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@esaruoho We apologise for the misleading comment and thanks for notifying us.
We will remove it from the comment section and replace it with a more straightforward answer.

Great strategic mistake, not to make editing available for Ipad (the most famous tablet in work and school environments. Very sad =(

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There is no create new presentation button on the app on my ipad. If I use my laptop it is there but not on the app.

Hello @chris_gauci, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I am afraid that currently it’s not possible to create/edit presentations on an Ipad. Please, check more information about it above.

I just signed for Plus edition, then found that no plan for editting on iPad. Shocked.
Anyone knows an alternative way to create presentation on open canvas like Prezi?

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Yep - I need to add my name to this list. I was totally unaware you couldn’t edit on iPad/ I’m going to need to cancel my account, as well. Sorry - I love President, but you need to fix this issue.

At least make it clear on your marketing material that editing can only happen on desktop. This makes me sad because I love your product.

@Paul_Swearengin Thank you for your feedback, we are forwarding it to the responsible team.

I typed in “love Prezi” and I guess the word adjuster changed it to “President.” I was talking about neither President Trump or Obama. Just a computer software…

Wow! What an impression you have left with this group! This is a PREZI forum, not a political one. I hope you will keep your complaints, suggestions, and praise to the Prezi program. Very sorry Paul_Swearengin for this. :frowning:

I’m a teacher and our school district will be moving to iPads next year in the elementary schools. I absolutely love the functions of Prezi on the computer and would like to see the same happen on the iPad. I know this thread has been asking Prezi to make it possible since 2017 and really wish they would consider it. I would use Prezi over Google Slides any day!! My kids just made some awesome prezi’s on their vacation projects, but we will not have access to computers at all next year so I have to switch to something else for my students to make these awesome projects. Please, please fix this function!
From a teacher who absolutely loves Prezi!!!

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Hello @Crystal_Harris, thank you so much for sharing your feedback, we will send it to our development team.

Hello, I very much support the idea of making Prezi editable on the go. I am a university lecturer who has started using Prezi over traditional PPT slides this semester due to the greater flexibility and animations that my students love. However, while I prepare most of the work on a desktop computer, I need the possibility of minor editing and touching up on iPad at home. Without this option, it will be hard for me to continue in the long run. I hope the team can take this into account. Thank you.


Totally agree with you

How to edit my presentation on my iPad Pro? Prezi doesn’t support editing on mobile device?

Hi @andy_chow, I merged your question to the relevant thread. I’m afraid it’s not possible to edit on a mobile device. Please check Vanda’s response above:

There are no workarounds, I’m afraid. The Prezi Viewer is for viewing, presenting, and sharing presentations.