Editing on Ipad

This is another reason why we are having to seriously look into another avenue for presentation. The fact that this is not even being planned and that tablets, in general, is where all industry is going for presentations is very short sided for Prezi. . . We are very sad about this.

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I know I’m pressing edit and not presented, I am not able to edit, when I press edit it starts presenting it and I want to throw my phone at a wall now

Hi @emma_cox, are you trying to edit your presentation on a phone? Please know that the mobile application is only for viewing, presenting, and sharing presentations. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Agree. Have had serious problems with some basic things…

Want to add my input into this. With an iPad as my primary device, I’m starting to use other software. I loved Prezi and subscribed for a bit, but it’s really unfortunate it’s not compatible with popular, modern devices commonly used in academia like iPads!

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I cannot edit on my iPhone???

Hi @Melynda_Storms, I’ve merged your comment to the relevant topic.
Unfortunately, the editing on the Prezi Viewer app is not possible at the moment, but we are channeling this feedback to our product team.

Hey Bart- I am actually canceling my Prezi plus subscription because the feature to edit on iPad is not available. I’ll unfortunately be looking for another solution that works with iPad. I actually just purchased the iPad to use for on the fly presentations at work - I was disappointed that this feature wasn’t available. As a mobile product manager myself, I understand how feature prioritization works so figured I’d share my experience. Please do pass this on to your product team - I’m hopeful experiences like mine will move this feature priority up in your backlog :slight_smile: I’d love to come back to use the product again should you develop this feature. Thanks so much!

Hi @Jennifer_Bowser, thanks for your feedback!
We can understand that this would be a very useful feature so we have passed your feedback along to our product team. As soon as we have any updates we will post it here and hopefully we will see you again in our community of creators. :slight_smile:

Hi there. New to prezi… Would be very helpful to use an editing function on a iPad or phone, do you apps still not support editing?? Is there any way around this?
Also, I have been adding my own videos (made on an iPad so in MP3 format) I store them in my Google drive and then (on my desk top) have to download them, convert and upload them to prezi. Is there anyway to link google drive (as we can sign in with google) so the process is more time efficient?
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Hi @Ruth_OCONNELL, the editing on iPad is not an available feature, unfortunately.
Currently you can only upload audio or video to your presentation from your computer, it is not possible to connect to Google Drive. I’ll forward your feedback regarding this to our product team.

My students do not have a ‘New Presentation’ button on her dashboard. She is using Ipad Air 2.
Please help.

Hello @Nidhi_Bhatt, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently, it’s not possible to create presentations with an iPad, she will need to use a computer to create a presentation :slight_smile:

I’m amazed to reach the end of this chain of comments and not finding “We are working on it, expect an editor app soon”. But i’ll keep hope alive.

¿Is it posible to edit through chrome in the ipad?

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Hey @Doal_Salazar it’s not yet possible. We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as the feature is available. Until then, you’ll need to use a computer to create presentations :slight_smile:

I support teachers in a school district and received this message. Can anyone provide some insight?

I opened Prezi viewer (the app on our iPads) and it would let me do NO editing now. I then thought I would try to edit on Prezi.com. When I first opened it, I had the option to “create a new presentation”. I didn’t choose that option immediately, instead I opened the presentations that were submitted to me. They opened in Prezi Viewer (the app), but I didn’t have the option to edit them. When I went back to Prezi.com, the area to click on a new presentation is not longer available.

Hello @Lisa_Drake, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently, it’s not possible to edit through a mobile device, you will need to use a computer to create your presentations :slight_smile:

Folks have been banging this drum for years now to no avail. It’s why I’ve stopped using prezi. There are so many other excellent options on the market, and my prezis always ended up linear anyway…

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Whenever I try and press the edit button on the ‘my presentations’ screen, it takes me to the present screen. This means I can’t edit a presentation. This is using the prezi web app on an IPad too. The computer web app works fine with the presentation, only the iPad one doesn’t.

I don’t know if theres anything I can do to help solve this problem but please try and fix this.

Hey @Justin_J it’s not possible to edit presentations on mobile devices currently due to the limitation of the mobile browsers. I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread.

You’ll need to use a desktop computer or laptop to be able to edit I’m afraid.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: