Editing on mobile devices

All I want is to be able to create and edit Prezis on my iPad, so I don’t have to schlep my laptop if I want to work on the go.

Is there at least a workaround that will allow me to use the web editor on my iPad? I know I’m not the only one clamoring for this functionality. (cough cough k-12 educators cough cough)



There are no workarounds, I’m afraid. The Prezi Viewer is for viewing, presenting, and sharing presentations.

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Hi There! I just downloaded Prezi Next and paid for a new Basic/Entry level account. Like others I cannot for the life of me locate the ‘create new presentation’ button anywhere. I’m using an iPad Pro, and I’ve tried Chrome (which is updated) and then Prezi Next app. Neither is letting me create a new presentation. Grrrr…I’ve got a job interview on Monday and the want me to create a presentation using Prezi. HELP!!


@Larry_Laconi currently, it’s not possible to create presentations on an iPad, I’m afraid. We have a dedicated application for iPad and mobile devices called Prezi Viewer which enables you to practice your presentations on the go or share them with others.

To create a presentation, please use a browser (for the best experience, we recommend Google Chrome).

I find it difficult to believe that having ported over Prezi Next to HTML5 that being able to edit on an iPad is “not planned.” We are an iPad one-to-one school where our students’ primary devices are their iPads. Their access to desktop or laptop computers is limited. We used to be able to do limited creation with student education accounts using the Prezi Lite Editor and now that is no longer supported or available on the App Store.

Having the Prezi Viewer available for the iPad is nice, but if being able to create a Prezi on the iPad does not become available soon, I am going to have to move my students to using just Google Slides or Keynote that can be both created and presented using an iPad. It would be a shame to think that Prezi is not concerned with the student market on the iPad (or Chromebook) when the application is so attractive to students.


I’ve switched to keynote and am also experimenting with Flowvella as a
result. I now travel to give workshops, and I need to be able to edit my
presentations without having to schlep my computer.

Great as Prezi is, this lack of functionality has been a deal breaker for


Hi Samantha,

Thanks for the Flowvella tip. It seems our teachers are moving towards the same conclusion. If you can’t create Prezi on the iPad, it has limited use no matter how nice it is! I thought it was interesting that you replied to this within minutes of my posting my comment.

Since I was sort of committed to this project this year in my class before I realized Prezi had made it even more difficult to work on the iPad, I had my students pull out our MacBooks from our cart and then put them back at the end. That cost 10-15 minutes of class time since it was the first time we did that and they weren’t really used to it. Even so, I can’t afford to used that much class time when there are other options that do work on the iPad.



We do see how editing on an iPad on the go could be useful and we have made sure to channel the feedback.

We are a school in Germany starting with iPad. We´ll have iPad classes and every teacher has got her or his one iPad. It´s a must, that PREZI´s editing mode should be available as soon as possible. Good bye Flash?
PREZI is a perfect tool, but we have to look for subsitutes, may be ExplainEverything.

Not being able to edit on iPad is, perhaps, the dumbest thing ever. First world problems, I know, but Prezi is a first world technology app. Fine if you don’t want to let folks edit in Prezi Viewer (or whatever the iPad app is) but limiting the capacity to use Chrome on the iPad to edit makes me irate. I am pretty much screwed for a presentation I need to give this week but will be using Flowvella for my keynote on Monday; apparently they understand the needs of folks not wanting to haul laptops everywhere. And I’ve got a 5 hour flight that NEEDS to be productive and not me practicing my presentation with the Viewer app.

Prezi, seriously. People have been complaining about this for months. I am sure it is not that difficult to make editing available on the iPad.


How do I create a new Prezi Next on an iPad mini?

@Nivedhaa_Nandakumar, unfortunately, what you are trying to achieve is not possible. Please see Vanda’s response above for more information.

Just want to throw my hat in as a previously enthusiastic prezi user who will now switch to a different product because i cannot edit on my ipad. Boo!


As a small business owner moving with emerging technology, and equipping staff with iPads rather than laptops, I appear to be joining a growing band of disgruntled prezi users who will be forced to leave for another product because editing is not possible on iOS. If this isn’t a big enough deal now it is bound to be down the line when more people switch to iPad only so why not get on it and stop loosing customers?


We are with you! We cannot seem to figure out how one of the most innovative presentation companies has chosen to step back from technology. Come on, Prezi! We too are moving to this new way of doing business. As soon as we move to this, you will lose us too.

I made my prezi on an iMac but when I tried to get to it on my iPad I clicked edit but it took me to present.

@Olivia_Fouratt, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. As you can see from the post above, editing on an iPad is currently not possible. I am sorry if it is causing any inconvenience.

Sad to say that as much as I love Prezi, this lack of functionality is also a dealbreaker for me. With the iPad Pro becoming so prevalent and almost as powerful as a typical laptop, plus it’s been being marketed as the “laptop destroyer” for over a year now. Are you guys at Prezi understaffed or truly out of touch with your user base?

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So it’s been a year since this topic was created, and the answer is still “no.” How is that even possible with as many people are moving to tablets like the iPad or Chromebook? Hell, I work for the federal government and we use iPads, and we’re about as slow technologically as it’s possible to be without actually regressing.

Prezi, please get your act together and let us create on tablets. Or a whole lot of us are going elsewhere.


We are now starting to look elsewhere now. It has been OVER a year and BASIC requests have not been addressed and whenever you ask for a feature, the response is “Sorry, Next does not do that, but her is a workaround (which takes 4X longer to do)” Or Sorry, Prezi does not currently do this, we will send your request to the “_______” team, sorry for the inconvenience." We have been very loyal customers and have been holding on for over a year as Prezi is “twiddling their thumbs” and collecting subscription money from many of us who have moved back to Classic and are wondering what our subscriptions are paying for. YES! We are getting beyond frustrated and are starting to move to irritated