Editing Prezi Video - Add Frame?

I’m creating a prezi video by importing an existing prezi presentation I already have prepared.
I have Prezi video on my desktop and online (I’m a pro member).

I cannot edit / get a template for how i would like my presentation to look when recording. The entire presentation is covering my face!! Also I would like the ability to add a frame of some sort (like the option I would get if i was creating the video from scratch in Prezi), is that possible? The only options I have is to go live or record but i can’t edit anything.

I’ve been at this for hours and so frustrated. Please help.

Hi @Simone_Keize
Please note, that with the Prezi Video desktop application you can not edit the presentation that you are importing.

You can open prezi.com in a browser, build your template with either Prezi Next, or the “Advanced Create” button in Prezi Video and once you are done, you can either record online in the browser or offline with the Prezi Video desktop application.

With editing enabled this way, you can also arrange your content in a way that it does not cover your face for the recording.

Regarding the frames, I think you mean the ones that are available in our Prezi Lite templates. Those are pre-built templates by the Prezi Team, and there are the only ones currently available. You can build your own frame in the advanced edit feature, as you can download any frames with transparent inside and insert them into your video template.

We would also recommend you to use our dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here. :slight_smile:

Hope my comment answers your questions! :slight_smile: