Editing Prezi Video templates

Is there a way to edit a template?

I have exactly what I want, EXCEPT for the hideous purple overlay, here:

I want to be able to record video with an overlay like this. But not as a Barney look-alike.

is there a way to edit a Prezi Video template for my own use? Or a template I’m missing that would give the effect without the overlay?


Hey @Dating_Kinky the Prezi Video templates you see on the Lite Create cannot be changed however you can easily create a presentation in the Advanced Editor using the template you need and customize it there. After that, just import the presentation into Prezi Video and record.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Where do I find the Advanced Editor?

Hi @Bernard_LeRoux, the Advanced Editor can be accessed from your Prezi Video dashboard with the button called “Use Prezi Present”.
You can find further information in this article.

Apparently there is an “advanced create” option that allows to change templates. I do not see it Prezi Video app for Windows, neither in the Prezi Web version. Is it part of a licencend package? In the second video here it is mentioned https://prezi.com/dashboard/next/

Hi @Ziga_Turk, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

The Advanced Create feature is not available in the Windows application, for the web version please check my answer above. :slight_smile:

You may think you answered the question, but you did not. I followed your link and don’t see any mention of the Advanced Create feature. Can you be specific?

Hi @Jonathan_Gardner, please note that the button that has been called “Advanced Create” is now called “Use Prezi Present”. If you click on this button on your Prezi Video dashboard you will be taken to the advanced creation feature of Prezi Video. This feature uses the Prezi Present product, that’s why the name of the button has been updated.