Editing subtopic titles

How do I edit untitled sub topics in my slide order?

Hello @Jacqueline_George, to open subtopics for editing you can click on their thumbnails in the left panel. To change their order, you’ll need to drag and drop the thumbnails. Alternatively, you can also open them by double clicking on the topic/subtopic circle in the overview. I hope this helps.

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How can I add a title to each of my subtopic? It is now all showing as “Untitled subtopic”.

Hello @Moon_Kuen_Mak, to edit the title of your topics and subtopics first you’ll need to right click on the topic/subtopics circle on the canvas and select Advanced topic editing. Please consult this article tutorial. Then you’ll be able to edit the title or insert any other text, image or shape into the cover as well. I hope this helps.

I have exactly the same problem. My subtopic is untitled and I want to title it - that tutorial doesn’t give me that information.

Hi @Penny_Willis, if you change a topic’s title on the canvas, it will update the title in the left sidebar as well. Please check this video.

Hi @BackWards_D, could you please elaborate a bit more about the problem you’re experiencing?

I added 3 subtopics, the overview of subtopics on the left now shows three times “untitled subtopic”. How can I give those subtopics a name?

Hello @Frank_Best, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above :slight_smile:


Guys just follow the instructions from August 12. It works.

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