Editing the topic and subtopic covers


In the latest Prezi Next 1.20.0 update, Prezi announces a new feature :
“New: you see these visual elements in your sections? Now you can edit them so they’re visible both inside and outside the sections.”

I didn’t understand how to edit this?

@DL_PZMK This new feature means that now you have the option to make your cover title/image visible inside the topic as well once you zoom into this. This way you are able to create visual continuity and make your presentation more spectacular.

In order to use this feature, click on the topic when you are in the overview, add your content to the topic cover, then right click on it and choose the option “Make it visible outside and inside”.

@Agnes it seems like this last update had new & useful features. I signed up for an “Ask me anything” Prezi training session to see if I could be walked through the latest changes so I don’t miss anything, but are there any other training resources that you know of that would visually demonstrate these updates? (*edit to add: I have been tempted to ask regarding other earlier edits as well; sometimes the list gets long and a bit hard to process, and visual examples are quite helpful.)

@Agnes no chance for me to get this option “Make it visible outside and inside” by right mouse click. (Version 1.7.2 64bit)

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Editing the topic and subtopic covers now should be available for everyone. Feel free to check our article about this feature in our Knowledge Base and let us know what you think!

What happened to the option to edit the planet topic’s border color and border thickness?

Hello @gali_castro, first you’ll need to right click on the topic circle and select Advanced topic editing. Then you’ll be able to select the circle and you’ll see the border thickness/color menu appear in the top toolbar. I hope this helps.

!Thank you Sara






Hi! I’m creating my first Prezi Next presentation. The problem I’m having is that when I add subtopics to some of my topics (regardless of whether they’re planet or stacked), the covers that pop up don’t match the shape I’ve otherwise been using for covers throughout.

My main page uses diamond shaped covers for the topics. Zooming in on these topics should result in a layout where one main diamond shape is supplemented with a bunch of smaller (zoomable) subtopics on the right. This worked for a couple of my topics, but not for all of them.

With the others, when I zoom into the topic, the resulting screen includes the expected diamond shape, but when I add subtopics, they appear as squares, not diamonds.

I can change their color, but not their shape. If I select one of the squares and enter the shape/layout editor, the diamond shape is highlighted on the menu even though what’s showing on the screen are squares. If I use the menu to try to change the shape, it changes the main diamond on the left, not the subtopic square. I also tried deleting a square shape and then inserting a custom shape as a new cover, but I am limited to using the shapes in the “add a shape” menu, which does not include diamonds.

I’ve also tried copying and pasting a topic that is functioning as I want it to, but again, when I open the new one, we’re back to squares on the right, not diamonds.

I’ve read the Prezi site user manual pages, have watched several user “how to” videos on YouTube, and haven’t seen this precise problem addressed.

Can anyone assist?

Many thanks -
Stuart R

Hello @Stuart_Rosenthal, can you please send us the URL of this presentation?

I believe this is it: https://prezi.com/view/uKkcXNVZKfidmu0qiwXF

Thank you.

Hello @Stuart_Rosenthal, I have created a copy of your presentation in the dashboard in which I have changed the subtopic shapes for you. I will look into this issue and report it to the appropriate team. Until then I suggest copy-pasting the subtopics from other topics.

I has very happy to use Prezi Classic. There you could put a textbox into a square shape and move around, enlarge and minimize it as you pleased. In Prezi Next it doesen’t seem to work that way - you change either the shape or the textbox separatly. I would like to change the size and move the shape with the textbox at the same time - is it possible?

Hi @mads_fuglsang,

In Prezi Next, Zoom to animation and topics are working differently. In case you use a topic, you can resize its zoom area, topic cover and the content at the same time.
You can find further information in this article.
I hope this helps!

I often really like the shapes that are created when I make a topic and subtopic, and just want to use that shape on a single slide. When trying to add images I only get 4 basic images; square, circle, rectangle triangle, but I want to insert one of the premade shapes that come with the “style”. When I change the style I’m able to add those shapes as elements only if they create a new subtopic or topic, whereas I just want to make that shape a single element without having to zoom into it any further. Is there a way to get the shape, or maybe delete the path so it doesn’t zoom in to that element?

UPDATE: For anyone that is wondering, you can right click on the topi or subtopic and click advance topic editing. From there, each element of the topic element will be clickable and you can just CTR - C -> CTR - V whichever element you like.

Hi @cory_broussard, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
You can access all the elements of a Topic cover by right clicking on the topic and selecting Advanced Topic Editing.
This way the cover opens up so you can highlight the shape you need and copy it with CMD + C on a MAC or CTRL + C on a Windows.
After this you can insert that element wherever you need it in your presentation.

Hope this helps!

Im new to Prezi and would appreciate some help please.

Assume I create a new template - blank. For the next slide I use for example a square box shape.
Call that slide 2.
Inside Slide 2 I wish to create a Sub-Topic which I do. It defaults to same square box.
What if I did not want square box but round box in that specific slide?
When I change it to round it auto changes all of them.
So how does one insert a shape (know how to do that) but then make that shape the actual layer that takes you to Sub-Topic

Hi @Rob_Santini, I’ve merged your question to the relevant post, please check the answers above. :slight_smile:

Dear all

May I kindly ask your support to clarify if I am able to change topics with images? From what I understand this should be possible under Prezi Next Edu Plus.

However, I do not see any ‘Topic Cover Setting’ nor ‘Edit Cover Content’ in the top left corner or anywhere else.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Markus_Berlinghof, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic, please check the discussion above. :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any questions!