Editing the topic and subtopic covers




In the latest Prezi Next 1.20.0 update, Prezi announces a new feature :
“New: you see these visual elements in your sections? Now you can edit them so they’re visible both inside and outside the sections.”

I didn’t understand how to edit this?


@DL_PZMK This new feature means that now you have the option to make your cover title/image visible inside the topic as well once you zoom into this. This way you are able to create visual continuity and make your presentation more spectacular.

In order to use this feature, click on the topic when you are in the overview, add your content to the topic cover, then right click on it and choose the option “Make it visible outside and inside”.


@Agnes it seems like this last update had new & useful features. I signed up for an “Ask me anything” Prezi training session to see if I could be walked through the latest changes so I don’t miss anything, but are there any other training resources that you know of that would visually demonstrate these updates? (*edit to add: I have been tempted to ask regarding other earlier edits as well; sometimes the list gets long and a bit hard to process, and visual examples are quite helpful.)


@Agnes no chance for me to get this option “Make it visible outside and inside” by right mouse click. (Version 1.7.2 64bit)


Editing the topic and subtopic covers now should be available for everyone. Feel free to check our article about this feature in our Knowledge Base and let us know what you think!