Editing the topic and subtopic covers

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Unfortunately I could not find an appropriate answer on my issue.


Hi @Markus_Berlinghof, you have to right click on the topic and select advanced topic editing in order to edit the content of the cover. Once you are in this mode you can paste your image into the topic cover and remove any unwanted elements.

That’s it, sometimes the issue is right in front of the computer.

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I am new to designing slides in Prezi NEXT (have built hundreds of Prezi’s in Prezi Classic). I am trying to find a template in Prezi NEXT that is optimally compatible with Prezi Video (so that I can import the Prezi NEXT presentation into Prezi Video, and record), but I am having no luck.

Specifically, on the templates I have tried, some of the slides (e.g. the “overview” slide) produce the transparent background where there is no content so that the presenter is visible in Prezi video, but on others (e.g. when I have added a “page”) it imports into Prezi Video as a solid black background that obscures the presenter.

At the end of the day, I would like a simple, frame-by-frame template that I can build one page at a time (and progress through linearly) that is all compatible with Prezi Video.

Any help out there?

Hi @Kurt_MacDonald, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that there are two topic types in Prezi Next, one is Planet, the other one is a Stack.
You can only add Pages to Stack topics, so that should mean you are facing the issue with a stack topic.

Please note that if you add a stack topic, it will zoom into the topic cover so the shape/image/object that is in the topic cover will be the background of a stack topic.

One solution would be to right-click on the stack topic, select advanced topic editing, then highlight the topic shape and remove it from the cover - this way there will be no background for that topic and the speaker will be visible. For more information, I could recommend you to check out this article.

Another solution could be to work only with Zoom areas that work quite similarly as the frames you add in Prezi Classic. These areas are added without a background, so the speaker is visible directly.

Hope this helps!

Profoundly helpful! Both of your suggestions worked seamlessly. Excellent customer service. Thank you!!!


I have a presentation - Thrive by Carin Lockhart on Prezi Next - with outdated images on the main/overview page. These images are the only thing I cannot modify, apparently because they are tied to the navigation. I can update the image on the zoomed-in version of each area, but it doesn’t reflect/take effect on the overview page. Help!

Note - you can see it on "Get the Word Out and “Studio’s Commitment”.

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Hello @Carin_Lockhart, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

In order to edit your topic covers, you need to right-click on your topic, select “Advanced topic editing”, and then you’ll be able to remove the current image and use a different one as your cover. You can check more about it in this article :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

I have images that I uploaded from my computer, but when I put them on top of a planet they keep going to the back. I’ve tried sending the image to the front and sending the planet to the back but the image still goes to the back. The image goes to the back and into the planet’s subtopics. As well, I can’t replace the default images from the template - they won’t come off. Does this have anything to do with my Free account?

Thank you.

I think it was that type of template. I made a new one and it was fine, but I needed to use the arrow keys to adjust the image location instead of my mouse.

Hi @Alexandra_Chow, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above? :slight_smile:

By moving an object to a topic or subtopic you are inserting that object into the topic or subtopic. To disable this, you can press and hold CMD or Control while you are moving your object.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bart,

I’ve just tried holding Ctrl while I was moving the image but it still goes into the topic (the topic expands when I drag the image over top of it).

I also looked at the above answer and article, but I can’t seem to select only an image after clicking “Advanced topic editing”. Maybe this is because I’ve replaced the original images?

Thank you.

Hi @Alexandra_Chow, could you please tell me if you are working on a Windows or a Mac system?

In case you have moved images above the topic itself it might not be possible to highlight them once you click on Advanced Topic Editing.

In your case, you would need to first highlight the image, move it away from the topic so you can access the topic cover under it. Once this is done, you can use Advanced Topic Editing to access the cover and edit its content.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bart,

I’m working on the web version of Prezi on a Chromebook. This may be the issue because Chromebook’s aren’t always compatible with everything.

Here’s a short screen recording (moving images.webm - Google Drive) about what happens when I try to move an image. The first time it’s just me trying to move it, and the second time (that I try during the recording) is while I’m holding “ctrl”.

I’ve just tried moving the image, using Advanced Topic Editing for the planet, and holding ctrl while I move the image back, but it’s still not working, unfortunately.

Thank you for your patience and help.

Hi @Alexandra_Chow, thanks for the screen recording. Indeed Chromebook is not supported hardware.

On the other hand when you are dragging the image the editor “exits” the Advanced Topic Editing. I would recommend you to first highlight the image, then copy it with CTRL + C, then go into Advanced Topic Editing and paste the image with CTRL + V.

Hope this helps!

Buenas, queria saber como se puede hacer el zoom que revela otra imagen, texto etc, es decir cuando yo voy a una diapositiva y esta se acerca con el zoom sola, pero no muestra lo que se veía en la general, si no que revela el contenido interior. hasta ahora lo veo por defecto, pero no consigo hacerlo yo. Gracias

Hi @juan_luis1, Fusioné tu pregunta con el tema relevante.

¿Podría comprobar la respuesta anterior?

Si desea que sus imágenes se muestren en el interior y el exterior del tema, le recomendaría que haga clic con el botón derecho en el tema, seleccione la edición avanzada del tema y configure las imágenes como “visibles por dentro y por fuera”.

¡Espero que esto ayude!

I hope I can explain my problem…
I made a topic and zoomed into it. So on my slide is now a big circle (because I choose the circle as design for the topics). I wrote some text in a textbox (information about the topic). But suddenly the big circle got smaller (because my text was too big, so it automatically zoomed). I made the textbox smaller, but the circle is still too small. I don’t want it like that. How do I get this circle big again? I can’t click on it like on the textbox, to see the four corners and than zoom it.
Hope you can help me

Hi @Christine_Busch, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Could you please check the answer above?

Thank you, Bart, yes, indeed, I found a solution for my problem! :grinning: :muscle: :clap:

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